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Outsourced (2007)

outsourced1Outsourced (2007) is a comedy about Todd Anderson, VP of customer relations at a phone-order company in Seattle. One day Todd learns that the work of his entire department is being outsourced to India where salaries are much lower. Todd is expected to go to India, train the workers there, and find a replacement for himself. When he reaches India, Todd finds himself in a country that is vastly different from where he grew up, a culture that he can not connect to, and a language he can not understand. Todd soon learns that the only way to be comfortable in his new life in India is to not resist the Indian culture, but assimilate with it. Todd’s funny (and sometimes aburd!) adventures in India are the story of this movie.

You would have to be living on another planet not to have heard about some poor worker in the US (or another western country) who was asked to find and train his or her (usually his!) replacement in India or China. One such story becomes the starting point of the movie Outsourced. Though the movie relies heavily on stereotypes about U.S. and India, it does present a hilarious (though fictionalized) account of an American’s first visit to small-town India.

The movie is certainly worth watching for a first-time visitor to India, a westerner who wants to join an Indian company for job or internship, and people interested in cross-cultural issues.