Trading Places

tp.jpg Trading Places (2002) is the story of a poor guy and a rich guy who cross paths by accident. This accident, however, changes life for both of them. Two rich and powerful men, Randolph and Marty Duke, make a million dollar bet as to whether the rich guy can maintain his virtues in the face of poverty and if the poor guy can become virtuous in affluence. The two brothers manipulate the situation and put each guy in the other guy’s situation. The movie is a business comedy about how the two guys think and act in situations that are completely alien to them.  Are people what they are because of genetics or of environment? This is a long standing debate in psychology and behavioral studies. The movie favors the environmental explanation as changing the environment influences the behavior of both the rich guy and the poor guy. However, that’s not only reason to watch the movie. It is also a fun movie to learn about many finance-related concepts that most people don’t think about in their daily lives.

Of course, Eddie Murphy makes the movie a fun watch anyway. The guy was made for comedy movies!    


One response to “Trading Places

  1. Jason Woodworth

    This was a great business commedy. Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd really made this movie what it is. I believe what I learned most in this movie, especially in the finance world, was some of the things involved in commodities trading and investment. It is risky, however, can be extremely profitable if one invests smart. I also saw that people will go to the extreme to get insider information to succeed.

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