Young Hearts Unlimited

yhu.jpgComedy, family, drama, emotions, and action- This movie has it all. The problem is that adding many different ingredients does not necessarily give you a great biryani. Simply stated, Young Hearts Unlimited is a biryani goe bad!

This is the story of three children who take upon themselves to raise $50,000 in one month to save a service station that the city mayor wants to demolish to construct a new mall. The children identify a hitherto unrecognized opportunity- online dating (Think or They add their own unique element to online dating by using short videos for people to introduce themselves and see each other. Of course, in the end the business is successful, they reach their target revenue, and the ‘evil’ mayor is defeated. Despite the simplicity of the story, what could have been a sweet family movie turned out to be a wastage of time and money (for viewers I am certain, for the producer I imagine).

Nevertheless, the movie does have relevance to entrepreneurship. Specifically:

1. It discusses opportunity identification and incremental innovation to position the new business in a competitive market.

2. It shows how small business can use fliers as a marketing tool.

3. It discusses the use of franchising when a company with a unique idea wants fast expansion but lacks the resources to do it.

4. Most importantly, the movie shows the relationship between entrepreneurship and economic development. The mayor wants to demolish the family-owned service station that has been with the family for three generations to make way for new businesses that will bring much-needed development and revenue to the town. However, the owner of the service station Bryan wants to save his business because that is the only work he knows how to do. The macro-impact of entrepreneurship conflicts with its micro-consequences.

Maybe, a movie that some kids may enjoy. As for more mature audience and adults, I say unless you want to watch it to get some entrepreneurship-related video clips, you may want to pass it.




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