Jerry McGuire

JMJerry McGuire is a 1996 movie (Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Renee Zellweger) about a top-league sports agent Jerry. Late one night Jerry has a bad feeling about the work he does- lots of players to manage, no personal connection with the players, and the single-minded pursuit of money- and he writes a new mission statement which seeks to radically change the way sports agent in the company he works for manage players. His boss and almost everybody else (I say almost, because one accountant Dorothy Boyd is inspired by his new mission) in the company does not like his new ideas about reducing the number of players and making strong personal connections with the players and he is fired from his job. Jerry starts his own company with one player (Rod Tidwell who believes he is not getting the money and the attention he deserves), one part-time employee (the lovestricken Dorothy whose salary and benefits he can not pay), and major competition from his past employer. In a classic story of David beat Goliath, Jerry finally becomes successful when Rod Tidwell is instrumental in the victory of his team, his business philosophy of personal connection with the players is noticed and appreciated, and his entrepreneurial venture takes off. Of course, as with almost all Tom Cruise movie the story of his romantic relationship with Dorothy is interwoven with the strory of his entrepreneurship experience.

Jerry McGuire was a very successful movie and most people who watch it like that it’s a light-hearted movie that makes you feel good. Here is a guy, who gives up everything he has for a noble cause, works hard, competes with the big guys, and finally succeeds. It is a great discussion movie about entrepreneurship and the role of relationships with customers and clients in succeeding in a new business. It also provides good examples of some very practical and seemingly mundane issues related to starting a new business- who will pay the bills, who will take care of health care and other medical costs, how do you market yourself, and the inevitable frustration that most entrepreneurs have during the start-up phase. It is also a good movie to talk about the role of values and ethics in our lives, especially in the sports industry (in the words of one blogger, “money controls everything else in the universe, so why not sports“). In short, a feel-good movie that most people are likely to have watched already!


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  1. When I watched the movie Jerry McGuire, I was reminded of the principal of consistent communication I learned in my Managerial Communications course. Communication must take place both internally and externally to an organization. Lines of communication must also run both ways to be effective. This principal is essential for the success of both new businesses and well-established businesses. Without communication, the connections between a business and its customers and its employees will suffer, to the detriment of the business.
    The principal of communication was demonstrated well in two ways within the movie. The first example of this principal is how Jerry consistently communicated with his secretary about what was happening with the company. She also voiced concerns about her personal financial and job security. The second example is how Jerry communicated with his only client, a football player named Tidwell. Although this communication wasn’t completely transparent at all times, he did make a strong effort to keep his client informed of what was happening. His client also voiced what concerns he had and what he wanted and needed Jerry to do for him.
    In the movie Jerry McGuire, I feel that this communication is what set him apart from the status quo of the large company he left. While he could have failed, he differentiated himself from the competition by using personal communication. In the end of this movie, his efforts paid off and we are led to believe that due to this personal communication, more athletes were attracted to his business.

  2. When I watched the movie Jerry McGuire I was reminded of the concept of effective communication from my business management course. Effective communication has to be in place to make any business successful. Especially, in entrepreneurship, there has to be effective communication between the owner, workers, and clients.
    The concept of effective communication was demonstrated in the movie in a few ways, but the way that stood out the most was his comunicating with Rod Tidwell. Rod was Jerry’s only client, so Jerry had to use effective communication in order to retain him. Jerry spent alot of time with Rod and his family on the phone, going out to eat, hanging out, and going to Rod’s football games. Effective communication helped Jerry to get Rod the salary he wanted and it is essential to communicate effectively, especially when Jerry put his life into a football players’ hands. Rod also put all of his faith into Jerry’s hands, and stuck with him even though Rod was not a good communicator. Jerry adapted to Rod and put his effective communication skills to work throughout the movie.
    From the movie I learned that you have to communicate well with your clients and adapt to them , even if they are not the best communicators. Jerry did a good job adapting to Rod throughout the movie. I can apply this to my business by learning about each client and know what they want and how to communicate effectively with them.

  3. I recently watched the movie Jerry Maguire. I had seen it before, but not for a long time. I think it is a good movie, and shows what can happen if you never give up on an idea. In the movie, Jerry Maguire lost his job because he wrote a paper about an idea that the business he worked for didn’t like. Because of this he started his own business and never gave up due to the struggles he had to deal with, and eventually was able to attain success.

  4. I like the movie Jerry Maguire but I thought the “love story” part was really bad. It wasn’t very romantic at all. But I guess that is only a side part of the real message. It was weird watching this movie compared to other movies I have had to watch for this class and others. In the other movies it seems everyone is so obsessed with making a lot of fast cash. This one was different; he was trying to say fewer clients, less money. This movie is more realistic to real life because most entrepreneurs do not get really rich. The ugly truth is some people do have to work for nothing to even get your business going like Jerry did when he was broke. It was crazy to see how SMI just fired him when “he helped build the company” and seemed so important to them. It is scary to think that you can’t speak what is on your mind because you could be let go. But I guess his views weren’t the same as the company and maybe they felt he wasn’t working towards what they were, getting a lot of clients. My favorite part was when he was flipping out as he left the office, taking the fish and asking who was coming with him. This movie sent a good message, “Key to business is personal relationships.”

  5. When I watched the movie Jerry McGuire, I was reminded of the concept of salesman entrepreneur from chapter three of my entrepreneurial course.
    The concept pf salesman entrepreneur was demonstrated in the movie with Jerry McGuire had to sell himself to all of his clients. When Jerry got fired he had to try and redeem his entire client, and he had to sell himself as the agent for the job even though he lost all of his clients except Rod Tidwell. Jerry is acting as an independent agent, working on his own with one employee out of his house. His whole job is to sell himself as well as his client for the maximum amount of money.
    I thought the entrepreneurial application regarding this movie was very minimal. I suppose the one aspect of the movie that would be considered motivating is when Tom Cruise gets fired, he gets fired for speaking his mind and for what he believes in. He feels so strongly about his beliefs that he decides to go out on his own with one employee and start his own independent company. As with any start up company there are troublesome times. His client, Rod Tidwell, is a very complex figure to sell due to his attitude on and off the field. However, Tom Cruise eventually holds on and with a little bit of luck from his client becomes successful again.

  6. Mike Stoltenberg

    When I watched the movie “Jerry McGuire,” I was reminded of the concept of a value chain from my operations management course. A value chain is defined as an interrelated series of processes that produces a service (or product) to the satisfaction of the customers.
    The concept of a value chain was demonstrated in the movie Jerry McGuire when Jerry decided that he was unsatisfied with the way that his company handled their clients. He believed that they were approaching their service in a way too impersonal manner. He then wrote up a mission statement to change the way they did business. To provide the clients with more personal time and commitment, which would increase the value and satisfaction the client gets out of their representation.
    I thought that this movie demonstrated a strong passion into an entrepreneur’s beliefs. Jerry was not happy with the quality of the service he, and his company, was providing so he attempted to change it. When his beliefs were not taken lightly, and he was fired, he took his ideas into his own hands and started his own business. This movie not only showed the entrepreneurial side of Jerry, but also the passionate side that worked hard to keep his faith alive.

  7. When I watched the movie, “Jerry Maguire” I was reminded of the concept of business ethics from my Business Law course. Business ethics are accepted principles of right and wrong, which govern people in business.
    The concept of ethics was demonstrated in the movie when Bob Sugar fired Jerry and then took all of his clients from him. Jerry was Bob’s mentor and taught him everything he knew about being a sports agent. When Bob decided to fire Jerry, he did it in a public place and not in an appropriate business setting. Also, by the time he had fired Jerry, he had contacted most of his clients and persuaded them to use him as an agent.
    This movie related well to entrepreneurship. I learned that an entrepreneur should not give up when all the odds are against them. During tough times most people give up, but if you fight through them something good can become of the situation. I also learned that if you’re unhappy with your job, it’s alright to take some risks and do what makes you happy.

  8. When I watched the movie Jerry McGuire I was reminded of the concept of customer relationship management from my sales management course. CRM includes administration and communication of an organization with its customers. The purpose of CRM is to retain its customers on a long term basis in order to save costs. Communication with clients is the key component of this management concept. Through communication companies establish and foster their customer relationship. Good customer communication is crucial for ventures, in order to be successful.

    The concept of customer relationship management was demonstrated in the movie in many ways, especially with the relationship of Jerry and Rod Tidwell, Jerry’s only client. Jerry was not satisfied in the way he did his job in a big sport agency. Therefore, he wrote an agenda about his view handling clients to change the common way agents in the sports business act. After distributing his concepts in the company, his paper was the reason for his dismissal. After his dismissal, Jerry carried on working as a self-employed athlete agent, but in a new manner. Tod Tidwell, a vivacious football player, realized Jerry’s different way of communication and became his first client. Jerry used a very personal communication with Tod. They spent a lot of time together and therefore, developed a kind of friendship. Based on their personal circumstances, both knew that they were dependent on each other, which strengthened their relationship. In the end of the movie, Jerry’s way of using personal communication paid off.

    The movie points out the importance of good relation to clients. All people who deal with customers should go toward their clients to establish a lucrative relationship. Especially for entrepreneurs, communication and customer relationship is essential to achieve success. Finally, “Jerry Maguire” is a very good movie to watch for general entertainment as well as for improving business knowledge.

  9. When I watched the Movie Jerry McGuire, I was reminded of the concept of communications from my managerial communications class. In the movie it shows that you really have to have effective communication with your employees, fellow co-workers and, most importantly, customers. This is important in large and small businesses. If effective communication does not take place, business goals and objectives are not able to be accomplished.

    The concept of communication was demonstrated in the movie when Jerry was trying to contact customers after he had gotten fired and the one customer was taking up all of the time he needed to gain other customers. This ended up in him only having the one customer. He had to consistently be there for that customer because he was the only hope Jerry had left for his company. Since Jerry was the customer’s agent, and he was Jerry’s only customer, the customer also voiced his expectations of the relationship with Jerry.

    By allowing the constant communication between the agent and the customer, Jerry was creating the type of business/company he believed in. Yes, he had to jump through hoops for his customer, but I think that just shows that business doesn’t come easy and you have to work hard for it. In the end, it paid off, Jerry was able to get the recognition he wanted and needed, and his company began to pick up and he was able to gain more customers/clients.

  10. When I watched the movie “Jerry Maguire,” I was reminded of the principle of business competition from my Intro to Business class. Competition gives incentives for businesses to improve their operations. There is competition in just about every type of business as there are always others that believe their ideas will revolutionize an industry or be able to create more efficiency, etc, therefore making more money. Competition is advantageous to both the business as well as the consumer since it can drive down costs or increase service for the customer, but yet give the business an advantage in its market.

    The principle of business competition was demonstrated in the movie when Jerry was fired by Bob Sugar. It was clear that Bob disagreed with Jerry’s ideas and thought he would hold him and the company back from increasing profits. Jerry had his own idea of how his job should be handled. Jerry’s idea focused more on customer satisfaction than quantity of clients. His theory was simple; fewer clients. Less money. More attention to clients. This idea, along with being fired, motivated Jerry to start running things his way. Bob saw Jerry as the competition and Jerry saw Bob the same way. Each person believed that their way of handling business was superior. This “competition” is what drives businesses to become better over the years and allows for positive change.

    At first I was curious how Jerry Maguire would relate to entrepreneurship. After watching it though, the intent was clear. There are many entrepreneurs who have worked in Corporate America just to have their own ideas criticized and ignored. When those people decide to take off in pursuit of their own dreams and ideas, they have their chance to prove them wrong. Sometimes things do not work out in their favor, but there are also many examples of how dreams and ideas that don’t conform to a company’s ideas can expand into a revolutionary way of doing the same job.

  11. When I watched the movie Jerry McGuire, I was reminded of the concept of mentorship from my Human Resource Management course. This is the concept that success comes through guidance and learning from others. It may be a family member, friend, or fellow employee and it is somebody you trust and share beliefs with. Mentorship provides aspiring business owners with a sense of security and a place to go for advice.
    The concept of mentorship was demonstrated throughout the movie. At certain points in the movie, Jerry McGuire’s mentor, Dicky Fox, appears and gives little bits of advice such as: “if your heart is empty, your brain means nothing.” It is a physical representation of Jerry McGuire’s thoughts. This is a good depiction that there are some things that a person hears, maybe in an unexpected place, which will linger in everything they do. Mentors are there to provide their “student” with knowledge that, in some way, will pop up and never be forgotten.
    The movie Jerry McGuire provides a lesson in business. At first, it was about the money and the clients. When his true thoughts come out, which are widely held below the surface of Sports Management International, he is fired. This example shows that business is not always by the book and change will be contested. Following what a person believes in and sticking to it is the true meaning of success. Whether it is one client or 100, it is all the same in the end. Time is just thinner with the more tasks one chooses to take on. One should be happy in anything, not just successful in the eyes of others. I guess, the point is, follow your heart.

  12. Mike Norenberg

    The biggest concept i noticed when watching Jerry Maguire was the idea of perserverance. Jerry lost his job and his fiance, and livelyhood all in a short time span. The guy had so much going against him and plenty of reasons to quit but he succefully started his own sports agency. Overall I thought the movie was pretty good.

  13. The concept I took from this movie was building relationships. After Jerry got fired from his job, the only thing keeping him standing was the relationship he built with his only remaining client. Without any sort of relationship, Jerry would have been out of business. He knew almost everything about his client and the relationship grew stronger, and because he believed in his client and stuck with him, it eventually paid off. In business, a big part of success is gaining a strong customer base and this is achieved from building relationships with customers, especially on a personal level. Any kind of bad customer service will drive customers away meaning less money coming into your business. Strong customer service is usually one of the top components that people look for, and from word of mouth, the number of customers will keep increasing.

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