Office Space

officespace.jpgThis 1999 movie starring Jennifer Aniston and Ron Livingstone is one of the funniest Hollywood movies I have seen. It is the story of three men working at a computer company (called Initech Corporation in the movie, but it could be any company in the world) just trying to make it though each workday without getting in trouble or getting laid off. The main character, Peter Gibbons, played by Ron Livingston, spends most of his day staring into space and doing almost nothing. He is also repeatedly nagged by different managers telling him over and over the things he is doing wrong, making him want to ignore his job even more. After some cajoling by his girl friend, Peter agrees to see a hypnotherapist, who dies after hypnotizing Peter into a new state of mind that changes his perspective on life. He doesn’t show up to work any more, and stops putting any effort into even pretending to work. Around the same time, his company brings in restructuring consultants to make major changes by downsizing and laying off workers. Peter’s candid remarks about the company, casual attitude towards work, and body language somehow impresses the consultants who reward him, while his two best friends Michael and Samir are fired. The three friends decide to take revenge from the company by planting a virus in the computer system that will withdraw pennies from the company’s account and put money into their personal account.  After the plan goes into effect, they realize that the virus is not stealing pennies, but is moving thousands of dollars. Peter decides to return the money to the company and take the blame so his friends don’t get into trouble. He writes an apology letter and leaves it under his boss’s door. However, when he goes to work next morning the office building has been burned down (by another disgruntled worker). The movie ends with the three friends doing whatever it is they like doing instead of sitting in their cubicle all day.

The movie does a good job of presenting the average workplace- boring and political. I especially liked the scene about the TPC report, where some obscure paper report employees need to complete becomes so important that everybody just wants to talk about it. Not only about its contents, but the proper way to complete it (with a cover sheet!). Having worked in a few places myself and seen how documentation takes a life of its own (becomes a goal in itself), I can see why a creative, hard working, and innovative employee would feel bored and useless. I recommend this movie to all those who like watching comedies, especially comedies about the workplace (be careful about the profanities and obscene language, especially if you have kids around).


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  1. Amanda Fochek

    Office Space has a lot of real world business scenarios in it. I remember the first time I watched it, I was with my co-workers and we all laughed throughout the whole movie. We could relate to almost all of the scenarios in that movie. I think one of the values you see is that you are not alone in your business when you have days that drag and those days where all you want to do is go home. Or those days where you have 5 different people come up to you and tell you what you did wrong. I think this is a great movie to watch and can be appreciated by anyone in the working world.

  2. Office Space is a great movie relating to business. Obviously “Initech, Inc.” is not as profitable as it could be for many reasons. Its employees’ moral is extremely low throughout the entire movie, which decreases productivity. Initech’s segregation of duties is poor because the IT staff is able to program viruses in the computer system which enables the employees to commit theft. The company is also very inefficient in two ways: one, the TPS reports being produced are found to be unnecessary and two, eight different bosses share the same duties within the company. Lastly, benefits and compensation are insufficient or nonexistent because employees claim there is no incentive to work harder. All in all, if I were an investor or creditor, there would be no way I would invest money into this company after knowing how the business environment is at Initech. Besides, you never know when the place will go up in flames!

  3. Nicole Furman

    I really enjoyed this movie, A LOT! Milton really cracks me up! However funny it is, though, this movie has a lot to say about some problems with business. First of all, it comically portrays the problems of having poor relationships between upper management and employees. This is evident by Peter’s relationship with his boss. I also think that this movie does a great job at showing what can happen if employees are underappreciated and unchallenged. As Peter told the consultants, he rarely does any real work! All of the employees at Initech has an “us” vs. “the company” mentality. They don’t understand how their jobs make the company better, and they don’t feel as if they are really needed. Because of this, the three disgruntled employees decide to commit a fraud. They have no remorse because they feel as if the company is the enemy. This should send a message to managers in the real world about how important it is to treat employees with respect and dignity.

  4. Office Space is a very funny movie. As it is enjoyable to watch there are things in the movie that a business student or even manager can learn from. One thing that was illustrated in the movie was the lack of need for some of the documentation done at Initech such as the TPS report. TPS reports represent waste in the workplace which can contribute unnecessary costs in overhead, where a lot of waste ends up. I also agree with the comments about employee morale. Having numerous managers tell you what you did wrong can lead to disgruntled employees who may come to resent the company they work for. The amount of managers in the office may also be contributing to waste at Initech. As another blog already said I also would not invest in a company such as Initech.

  5. Office Space is quite a hilarious movie. It also has alot of relevance in the business world. The employees of the company have a rather low level of morale which is not good for the company as a whole. They do not feel the need to excel in their work and actually resent it. It seems even if they do well on a project or do their TPS report properly they will not be compensated. This level of morale will hinder the company in reaching its full potential.

  6. Tineisha Whitehead

    Office Space reminds me so much of my office at the bank. It really is hilarious! The movie demonstrated what happens when there is not a good level of upper management within a firm. Most emloyees don’t want to work in a place where they don’t get recognized for their work. It takes the motivation completrely out of someone. I think the counseling sessions really helped the company bridge the gap between employees and managment.

  7. I really love this movie! It puts a hilarious spin on the business world. I think that everyone who works in a business sitting can probably relate to this movie. At my work place now are marketing director loves this movie so he did a remake of it. (Very funny) I also think that you can learn a lot about business ethics by watching this movie. Office Space is a classic!

  8. I would watch this movie everyday if I could. Office Space is extremely funny and relates really well to the pressures placed on employees. Everyone is trying to get ahead in the workplace, but there is a right and a wrong way of doing so. This movie is a good illustration of business ethics and management styles within businesses. Employers need to remeber to treat employees like adults, rather than children. Employees need to be aware that their job is helping the company’s success, it’s not just busy work. Office Space is one of my favorites!

  9. Nicole Dwornicki

    I think Office Space is a hilarious movie, because many of us can relate. I can totally relate to how Peter feels like he doesn’t do anything at work, because when I am not busy at work, I basically sit there and try to think of ways to make the time pass by. I believe it is important to keep your employees motivated and challenged if you want them to do their best. I think that too often upper management takes advantage of their employees, when they ask them to work weekends, especially those employees on salary that don’t receive any overtime for their extra hours. Sometimes I feel that management expects their employees to make work their life, and that is when you get those employees that snap and either walkout on you, or possible start the building on fire. I would have to say my favorite part of the movie is when they finally get revenge on the fax machine.

  10. Craig Thommes

    Office Space does a good job at highlighting all the things that go one in a firm on a day to day basis. It highlights the monotony that often exists within firms. The employee morale could not be any lower, often times because the employees have little to keep them busy. Michael doesn’t know why he needs to turn in the TPS reports to management. At the end of his work week (used wasting plenty of time) he gets asked to come in on the weekend. The management needs to do more to get the employees actively involved in the company. I feel that InTech Inc. should place more of an emphasis on educating employees on how their action can either hurt or help the firm.

  11. Office Space is a great movie. It is obvious Initech has some problems. Some possible solutions include:
    Initech needs to flatten their managerial hierarchy. Peter mentions having to go through eight bosses to get anything done.

    Initech needs to give their employees a sense of attachment to the company through compensation or more meaningful responsibility.

    Initech needs to cut “waste” out of the everyday procedures. Example: the TPS cover sheet.

    Initech needs to provide their employees with up to date, reliable office equipment, better lighting, and possibly a different work environment all together. Get rid of the cubicles and replace the “notorious” printer.

    The major problem is that Initech puts the bottom line above their employees, which will always get you into trouble. There is nothing wrong with cutting costs, but at the expense of your employees is wrong.

  12. Office Space is a great flick! If you work in an office you might be able to relate to the movie on a level that you wish you didnt, I know I do. Initech needs a huge overhaul of their corporate culture to be more effective and successful in the future. The part about the TPS reports cracks me up because that actually happens when people with egos and bad ideas get into positions of power. I love the symbolism and dual meetings of this amazing movie.

  13. This is a funny flick. I work in an office and its strange the amount of similarities between it in the real world. Intitech is such a large corporation and they bring in the bob’s to do some downsizing and its interesting that the old guys and the people with alot of experience are the one’s that get fired. Milton provides comic relieve and his over obsession with his read stapler. It really shows about business ethics when the steal a printer and destroy it as well as attempting to steal money. It makes you realize how emotionally dragging the corporate world can be on a day to day basis.

  14. Daniel Miller

    Office Space does a great job of pointing out some of the consequences that a business might have to deal with if there is poor communication. Communication is the key to keeping you employees feeling satisfied and the bottom line of the business growing. It is because of Initech’s poor communication that a lot of there problems arise. Part of what makes this movie so entertaining is the fact that many people can relate to the way that Initech employees feel. Unsatisfied employees are often the cause of fraud or shrinkage in an organization.

  15. The first thing I think of when watching Office Space is not liking my job and being willing to lose it and do whatever I feel like at work. After working retail for 4 years in Omaha and reaching the “glass ceiling” and not being happy staying there this movie makes me appreciate where I am in my life and the fact I am getting an education to have more opportunity for the future. I think a lot of people think that their company owes them more since they have CEOs wining and dining on the corporate dollar. I think majority of people in the work place fantasize of a job that they love doing. I work at Sprint and in the past couple years my company has laid off more than 12,000 employees. Fortunately, I am at the bottom of the organization at the most profitable store in Omaha and do not have to worry about my job. However, people two blocks away will not have a job in the near future. Office Space is always a favorite and something easy to relate to.

  16. This movie is very funny and did a great job of portraying some of the problems businesses can face. It shows how employees who have many different bosses and sit in a cubical all day doing monotonous tasks may become disgruntled and commit some kind of fraud to hurt the company.

  17. This movie is hilarious. The plot of the movie is something that happens in everyday life. Employees are evaluated to make sure they are worth keeping, if they are disposable they will be fired. The possibility of downsizing is very real and can happen in any company. This movie does what a lot of poeple wish they could do in their situation. They rebel and have a lot of fun doung it. When you watch the movie for a class, you look at it from a whole new perspective.

  18. Jeremy Windeshausen

    I have seen this movie a million times and laugh untill I cry everytime. I’ve never really looked at the movie in a business application sense until now. The movie put a sterotype in my head for a ‘real job’. Actually watching the movie in a business perspective was really cool.

  19. Office Space is a hilarious movie that takes a look at three guys working in corporate America. The whole movie is about them not really doing anything productive for their company. Initech is a poorly managed company and has employees who could really care less about the company. I personally work in a corporation and I find parts that make me laugh because it reminds me of everyday things that I see at work. I see people sleeping, daydreaming and even playing computer games while they’re supposed to be working. To be honest I’ve been guilty of it too! This is a prime example of when a corporation needs to be restructured and find a way to get its employees motivated and give them a positive attitude about their jobs.

  20. Richard Caniglia

    I’m glad Office Space was one of the movies required to watch because I used to watch this movie all the time when I was younger. Like many peoples blogs say I live this movie five days a week at work to some degree. I do have about five bosses, but the printer works fine and there are no TPS reports.

    The company I work at has done several things to improve. They have flattened the hierarchy by eliminating several levels of management. They have also matched competitors pay levels and offered an additional week of vacation (3 weeks) to boost morale.

    I think the part I liked the most about this movie is how Peter says he does about 15 minutes of actual work every day. I find that funny because it is true a good number of people at every job I have been at do only what is required if not less. Companies need to present their mission statements and enstill those values in the employees so they actually care about the work they do.

  21. This is a great movie and probably one of my favorite. However, never did I realize how many different business messages were in the movie throughout. I have seen this movie a number of times but never realized all of those business messages.

    I cannot even try to name my favorite part of the movie because their are too many parts that make me laugh hysterically. I do agree with Richard though; when Peter says he only does 15 mins of work a day and the Bob’s think he deserves a promotion. Such a great movie and I’m very glad it was part of the class.

    Its interesting to see how bringing in consultants like the Bob’s shows a complete different perspective from the mangement team and at times this is completely true. Bringing in consultants can really change a company for good and this movie put a funny aspect to it.

  22. Lindsay Cordle

    This movie was a great comedy. I feel sorry for anyone who really works in an environment like that shown in the movie. If five people reminded me about a single mistake I made, I would begin to lose motivation to work. This demonstrates poor communication and responsibility designations. Also, the boss is hilarious because he doesn’t even listen to anyone when he talks. Although environments such as this certainly exist, it is unfortunate, and I would bet the employee turnover rate is quite high. I think it is funny that Peter gets promoted because he is so witty and honest. I think it’s a good thing, but unwilling to happen in real world. Overall, this is a great movie and, I would recommend it to anyone who needs a fun break from work.

  23. Jillian Bierce

    The movie “Office Space” is one of the funniest movies of all time. This movies reminds me a lot of my work place and I can relate to many of the issues. It is very unethical when they download the computer program and take it home because they don’t agree with their managers. This comes to show how much managers can influence a person and their job. Their manager doesn’t respect them and this just shows want employees will do. In the real world, if you don’t show up to work and do what your managers say, you will not get promoted or even keep the job. This movie is very funny, but it shows you what not to do at your job.

  24. I really enjoyed watching this movie. I have to say Milton is my favorite character in the movie. Everything portrayed in this movie reflects those problems that corporations face. Good internal control is crucial but unfortunately many businesses have issues with this. Often times, people are made to feel like a number in the work place. When there is so many layers of authority, it’s not unusual to have multiple people telling you the same thing that you have already heard from others. Everything in the movie are all found in the business world. I can relate to many of those situations.

  25. I’m glad to see so many people commenting on this movie instead of “Employee of the Month” because it is nowhere near as funny. “Office Space” is a classic because of its take on how most large organizations show a clear disconnection between strategy and reality. Also, the film gives an accurate description of what an employee can be driven to. It is so common for middle managers to think they are doing something greatly important when they are just puppets. Many times, managers are in their positions because of the level of buy-in they show. They lose their individuality and forget that the people they manage are ‘people’. Personally, I love flare. But I don’t think anyone should be forced to wear it.

  26. Office Space is a funny and as well as knowledge providing movie. The movie is related to the business management. In the movie where peter was interviewed by the consultant and remarked how much time actually he spent for his real work and where he spent most of the time when he is at clock. The morality of employees of the firm “Initech” employees is low which causes the productivity and loss as well for the company. In the movie they showed that how many bosses share the same job responsibility. One part, where peter was interviewed and told consultants that, he doesn’t get any incentive for the hard work so they do not put any extra effort to get the job done. In the movie they provide a massage to the management that to keep their employees’ happy management should motivate them. For their extra hours at work they should get incentives for that. And management should make work environment effective so every employee want to go to the office every day.

  27. I thought this movie was really funny. It is just crazy to think that people are really that obsessed with job security that they would hate their job and still continue to work there. If I had a boss like Bill I would never want to go to work either. Peter is so right about how he doesn’t have any motivation to really work that hard for the company, so why should he do it? I loved how he stopped caring about everything and he got a promotion for it. The best part was when he was telling “The Bobs” that he just works hard enough to not get fired and he really only does about 15 minutes of real work a day.

  28. I’ve seen the movie several times before but I never really watched it in a way that I related it to the business world. The movie does have a lot of good points about the way the business world operates. What I noticed most is the part about the “efficiency experts” coming in to take a look at the processes within the company. We have something like that going on where I work as well. In addition, every year there seems to be layoffs after the budget is finalized. It is crazy how much people get worried every year about whether or not their job will be there when they come in the next day. Some people worry so much that it affects their performance and they end up hurting themselves in the long run because of this. You almost have to adapt an “I’m not worried about it” attitude so you don’t stress yourself out. Those are the people that stay at the company. Of course, you can’t take it to the extreme that Peter does in the movie. When someone is laid off they are walked out the doors and they aren’t allowed to go back to their office to even gather their things because there is the fear that they will do something similar to what Peter, Michael and Samir did. The movie is a good way to reflect on the real business world in an extreme way. It’s kinda sad, but true. There is no job security and it makes it hard for people to stay motivated and committed to the place they work.

  29. Molly Mickeliunas

    This movie was hilarious and shows the rat race we put ourselves through everyday. From rush hour traffic to sitting in a cubical with annoying people all around you. The business side of the movie questions ethics and how different people view job security. Having motivation in the workplace does increase productivity and without incentives it is hard to get the best out of every worker. I think we can all relate to this movie in some way or another!

  30. Dan Sundermeier

    I was definately excited when I saw that I had to choose between two great movies. I had already seen both, but definately took the opportunity to watch Office Space again. Office Space showed the effects of working in a mundane environment with poor management. They organizational heirarchy needed flattening for the company to run more effectively. There are thousands of companies just like this one, thus the success of the movie. Many viewers were empathetic to the plight of the workers at Ina-tec. When you feel like your head is on the chopping block you are not going to perform well. Overall, the movie, while funny, did show many important management issues in large corporations.

  31. Mike Judge did a great job writing and directing this movie. Peter’s complacent attitude is funny because he gets a promotion for it, while his friends that show up to work get fired. This is something that happens at companies, for whatever reason.

    At the end of the movie when Peter finds something he enjoys (cleaning up the burned down office) he seems a lot happier. People need to go into something they enjoy. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  32. Office Space is an entertaining film. I really like Milton. 🙂

    The major issue in the movie is the fact that Inacom is not run effectively. The organization seems to have numerous management levels. When someone makes an error in their work, they here about it from 7-8 different supervisors. The organziation should take a more functional approach to supervising their personnel. Perhaps this would eliminate so many levels of management.

  33. Office Space showed the reality of an everyday company that lost track of it’s management strategy. The exaggeration of the main character was a little far fetched but it showed what most would like to do when they feel they are not valued, or do not really provide anything to the company. From a business perspective it really made you see what seems like a fine firm can really be corrupted and need a lot of work.

  34. When I watched the movie Office Space, I was reminded of the concept of eliminating the middle man, which I believed I learned initially in my Management class. This course studied the effects on a company and the shift in responsibility once certain jobs were eliminated.
    The concept of eliminating the middle man was demonstrated in the movie when Ini-tech decided to bring in consultants in order to “maximize efficiency”; which really meant that they were entering the business upon request in order to clean house. When companies do this, I don’t always find it to be of the utmost effectiveness based on the fact that most of these consultants don’t know a whole lot about the employees. This was perfectly demonstrated when the consultants in Office Space wanted to fire the employees that had high morale and ethics, while promoting the employee that didn’t seem to interested in his job from the beginning.
    As satirical and comedic the events of this movie concur, it is an actual portrayal of questionable business practices that can be found in all kinds of large corporations today. Many companies don’t value the employee as a person, and consider layoffs and the shuffling of employees to be a good practice. What many companies find out is that this sort of behavior only leads to increased turnover and less productivity, since the employees that remain in the company are less confident with the job security they possess.

  35. Trevor Luchsinger

    Very intertaining movie… it showed how if upper management does not do a good job, then their employees do not want to work there. Peter said that he hardly ever does any real work. These employees disliked their job so much that they attempted fraud against the company. That is kind of an extreme example of what employees do when there is bad upper management, but it got its point across.

  36. Aaron Winters

    I really like this movie. Seems like it just keeps getting better every time I watch it. There are a few things that stick out to me. The first is the poor relationship that can exist between an employee and a manager. I believe the movie shows the ramifications (although in a more satirical way) of a poor employee/manager relationship. The second thing I saw was inefficiencies that exist in business. For example, when Peter meets with the Bob’s and says if he makes a mistake he has 8 different people he hears from about it. In my opinion, that would be irritating and not very motivating. The last thing i thought of is what can happen if an employee is in a position that isn’t a good fit for them and the company. The employee is unhappy and doesn’t really care about the work, and the company suffers from not having an employee that cares about the quality of their work and doing what the company needs.

  37. Sarah Eltiste

    The Office Space is a good movie that doesn’t make you feel like you are watching it for homework. I have watched this movie several times before having to watch it for class. I have always thought that the movie orchestrated good examples of what working in an office is all about. Since I work in an office, I understand the importance of an employee’s work ethic and the company’s morale. In order for a company to be successful, it has to have dedicated employees that work for the betterment of the company and a company that constantly focuses on the morale and how it can stay positive. In Office Space, it is evident that the employees have relatively no work ethic and the company does not care about making the employee’s happy. Of course, the movie is for entertainment purposes, but it really makes me realize where a company can end up if these two things mentioned above aren’t a focus of the company…burned to pieces, nothing more than a cloud of smoke.

  38. Office space is a great movie and I love watching it. The management in this movie just are not good at all. They do not try and motivate their employees. There is a lack of communication because they all tell Peter what he did wrong. The funniest thing about the movie is when the two Bob’s tell Peter they are giving him and raise and moving him to management. This movie definitely shows that management is the key for a company to succed. Employees need to feel like they are working toward a goal and incentives are a great way for employees to work harder.

  39. Office Space is a clever movie that over amplifies office atmosphere and culture. Most of the instances due actually happen in real, but with the intensity increased it makes for a good movie. The one aspect of the movie that I like is how the company’s grapevine is huge and very fast. This reminds me of my job. If someone makes a mistake, i.e. forgets to put a cover letter on a TPS report, the whole office will know about it before lunch. This actually does happen in real life and I chuckle ever time just seeing it. A good movie that I think is Generation Y’s (born between 1980-1995) Caddy Shack.

  40. Farrukh Kamolov

    The movie was very funny and at the same time it was very realistic. It shows what is the office life in most organization. The first thing that immidiatly stands out is poor relationship bewtween employee and managers. It seems that the most important thnig to managers is TPS reports.They only care about how to make company more profitable and increase the stock price, which is the goal of every company.In Initech they do it in a wrong way, they don’t have any ethics, and the management is very anoying. It seems that they don’t understand that the company build on employees

  41. Megan Weatherwax

    Office Space is totally hilarious!! This is the first time I have ever seen it and I loved it!! I don’t know how I missed it!!! it totally represents the typical unmotivated, unhappy employee and how they go about their day. It was great. I thought it was so funny that Milton was really fired 5 years prior and no one told him because they like to avoid confrontation! how funny. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone!

  42. Alex williams

    Office Space is a great movie if you are looking for laughter! I have watched this movie many times, but never with a business like attitiude. This movies does not provide any good attributes about how businesses operate throughout the world. It is still hilarious! It shows to the working class that there is really no job security, any one at almost any time can take over your job. This makes it especially hard for people to stay motivated and commited to their job.

  43. That movie was absolutely great….I laughed the whole time. It was a sacrastic movie yet a serious message. It shows that if youre not happy with something in your life change it but not in an evil way because there are consequences for every decision you make. It also shows a realistic reflection of how the corporate world is. Everyone should try their hardest to get a job that actually cares about the well being of its employees. Poor Milton!!!!

  44. Scott Stronck

    This movie is a funny movie that pokes at different issues of business etiquette. The relationships that are almost non-existant between the workers and managers show how the workplace is for some. Although intended to be funny, this movie can really teach us what is wrong with some jobs in the corporate world. There is a long way to go to bring these two together. It is amazing to see how fast things travel between an organization.

  45. Who doesn’t like this movie? It is a fairly good portrayal of how mundane and boring the corporate life can prove to be. It also teaches an important lesson about how not to manage a company. Disgruntled employees at their worst. It is always a good idea to confront rumors head on, rather than letting them fester. Too much happens and too many people make guesses about the truth of the situation. Causes chaos and discontent among the workforce.

  46. This movie was overall very funny it depicted the everyday madness that employees that work in cubicles have to deal with. The movie portrays how poor management can affect the actions of its personal and push it to extreme cases. Throughout many companies their is fraud and unethical practices taking place. People feel as if they are’nt viewed as human beings and more as just numbers in the equation. When people are treated in this manner it can make them crack and thus have bad consequences. Overall this movie was very good and shows the negative aspects of working at a desk every day.

  47. Office space is a great movie that really portrays alot of companies in Corporate America. It reminds me of the theory that when your workers enjoy the company atmosphere, they are more likely to achieve results. In the movie, Peter has tensions with his boss which eventually leads to his breakdown. Over the course of the film, Peter is lauded for the fact that he does nothing, all as a result of being treated poorly in the workplace.

    The film ends with the destruction of the company by coworker, Milton. This event was caused by the frequent movement of Milton’s desk to different (progressively worse) areas of the building.

    Moral of the story: Treat your people right.

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  50. Eraj Tabaraliev

    The movie was funny, but it showed us that money isn’t everything people work for. There should be a “warm” atmosphere in the workplace, so that employees would feel alive not like robots. Otherwise, employees will be stressed, which isn’t productive to the company. This movie is the best movie I watched so far.

  51. Jun (Kurt) Guo

    I was amazed by how employees’ lives and moods could be so easily affected by the work environment and more importantly, poor management. It is so funny that all the characters in the movie are vivid examples of people around the world and the things they do, talk about, concern about everyday are so realistic. The boss who everyone hates, Peter who hates his tedious job and all the others compose a real life working place. The movie is worth watching over and over again when we start working because it could be a prefect reminder of what, as a top management figure, you are supposed to do and know what everyone is going through so that you could make better and more considerable decisions. It made me wonder what could be a better way to motivate and use different people more efficiently. I have always believed that different people deserve different treatment, but is there an easier way?

  52. I am glad to have watched this movie not only because I could relate to the feelings working in an office like that which brought back a lot of old memories but also because, now, in the MBA program, I have been thinking a lot about ways to motivate employees and all the possible solutions to deal with companies’ inefficiency. It is such a genius idea to put this kind of movies in theater because the scenes in the movie could be happening everywhere millions of times in the world and it is so realistically presented. So, to me, this movie helped me realize that there are, in terms of motivating employees, so many other aspects in an organization that could be paid more attention to in order to have a more lively and enjoyable working environment, therefore, improve business efficiency.

  53. The movie “Office Space” shows the life of three ordinary software engineers working for a classic cubicle style company. The beginning of the movie shows that all of them have very low job satisfaction and are only continuing to work because they have a steady job and little opportunities to go elsewhere. As the movie unfolds the main character, Peter, undergoes hypnosis, which causes him to lose his motivation at work and just chooses to do the things he would prefer to do. However, this attitude actually nets him a promotion at his job that he is very uninterested in and wants to instead use a virus to take advantage of the company.
    Employee motivation is evident in all points of this movie and is described best by Peter while being interviewed by the consultants. In this interview he tells the consultants that he mostly takes advantage of the system and basically does nothing throughout the day because there is no benefit if he works hard. The consultants, instead of viewing him as a slacker, say that he could be a potentially important employee, but that the lack of recognition of accomplishment leads him to do very little.
    An example also emerges in this movie on the effect of job status on employee motivation and actions. Michael and Samir, two employees who are not necessarily in love with their job, continued to work hard and dealt with the daily grind with their job security on hand. However, when they learn that they will lose their job they are convinced to make an unethical decision that they normally would not have made. This shows the profound impact that job satisfaction can have on employee motivation.

  54. Jennifer Gilligan

    I think that “Office Space” is a great movie. It makes fun of the everyday troubles we go through while at work. The three main characters of this movie obviously hate their current jobs. They do as little as possible to get by each day at work. I think this movie does a great job of illustrating how employees are not motivated to do quality work while at their job. They feel as though they are not rewarded for their work and therefore do not feel they need to do a good job. The three main characters take it as far to go and steal from the company by downloading a virus into the computer system. This shows their lack of loyalty to the company.

    It is management’s job to motivate their employees to do quality work. Employees need to know that they are working towards a group goal. If the employees cannot be motivated then we see a lack of effort in the work place. This will cause poor quality work and the company will suffer. That is why it is so important to keep employees motivated and to reward them when they do good work.

  55. I also have to say that “Office Space” is a very funny movie and enjoyable to watch. I also agree with many other posts that motivation, or rather lack there of is one main business concept that is hit upon in this film. Obviously employees need to feel some sort of motivation to do there job well besides fear of getting fired or yelled at by their boss.

    Another theme I saw was a lack of communication and teamwork. Each employee had their own cubicle, had their own projects and were vastly cutoff from all other employees. Progress was solely placed on the individual and there was no emphasis on sharing of ideas or working in teams. This emulates into a lack of communication as can be seen when three different bosses stop and talk to him about forgetting the new cover sheets on the TPS reports.

    Another theme in “Office Space,” which is more overlooked deals with honesty in the workplace. No one ever spoke up to management and informed them of problems they were having or suggestions on how to make things better. Then when the consultants came in, everyone told them what they thought they wanted to hear so they could keep their jobs. Peter was the only one that was completely honest with the consultants and it ended up uncovering one of the underlying and fundamental problems at Initech. Sometimes it may be better to be honest, even if the person on the receiving end may not like it, than to lie and cover up a problem that exists. If the latter is chosen, it can lead to small problems becoming fundamentally larger and potentially cause the company to crumble from the inside out.

  56. Shailendu Shroff

    Peter Gibbons can be seen as a typical office worker (most of us will see imitating him when we start on our initial jobs in the industry upon MBA graduation) who is worrisome and wants to keep his bosses happy. His aim is not to be a reason of complaint or unsatisfactory work. The motivation in him is to retain his job and for this he accepts the treatment that his bosses might give like reprimand, etc. However, certain things in his personal and professional life make him realize that the motivation of his diligence in office will not get him anywhere.

    His co-workers Samir & Michael have also been teased at times (Samir – since his last name is just unpronounceable and Michael – since he shares his last name with a famous music artist). With numerous layoffs, Samir & Michael follow suit. And Peter get promotion in terms of $ & position. However, he realizes this as unfair. The trio plants a virus in the company’s computer system to divert some money to theirs. However, the virus does not work as planned; instead it transfers $ 300,000+ to their accounts keeping them both perplexed and anxious, since such a huge amount of money missing can get all of them in jail. Ultimately, a fire at their office settles the matter and leaves them rich and untracked.

    The take-away from this movie is that upper management sees layoff as a cost cutting method, but this needs to be justified. Every employee is worried about his job security and hence needs some consolation about keeping the job. This can help boost his productivity and enable working with a peaceful mind. Another is that management needs to provide sufficient motivation to employees to give in their best. Motivation (monetary and in terms of praise, reward, recognition) is instrumental to office success. Someone must not take credit for someone else’s work. Management must realize that fairness coupled with the right amount of motivation can lead to wonders. Employees do not always work for personal gains. They give due consideration to co-workers and colleagues who are like family. For them it is this sense of belonging that is a priority rather than their pay packages. Every company’s HR department must try and develop a mentor program to learn about an employee’s motive behind his job and then implement relevant motivation schemes that can create a win-win situation for both the employees and the management.

  57. Office Space (a personal favorite of mine) deals with employee motivation in a uniquely comical way. It satirizes motivation in different workplaces, yet at the same time it doesn’t lose its seriousness and blur the issue in its use of humor. While employee motivation can be an effective tool in increasing productivity, the biggest mistake a manager can make is ineffectively conveying motivational tactics to a work force that he/she is not in touch with. What results are feelings of contempt and even a lack of motivation to work for an individual in management that a worker feels so out of touch with. Peter is often hassled by his boss Lumberg who in micromanaging him breeds contempt from Peter rather than motivating him to work by constantly asking him to work Saturdays and delivering extra workloads upon him. Lumberg addresses him indifferently and in his casual banter actually drives Peter to no longer show up to work at all. Although over the top, this situation shows how if a manager over a lengthy period of time ineffectively communicates with his employees, motivation ebbs to the point of indifference and this breeds an incredibly unhealthy workplace to exist within.
    Office Space also shows the opposite extreme: a manager who is overly enthusiastic about seemingly unimportant issues and the problems that arise in this spectrum. Joanna is a waitress who is repeatedly motivated by her boss to wear pieces of flare to show her spirit for the job. By breathing down her neck at all times and constantly belittling her to not do the minimum amount required, the manager not only negatively effects her psyche and moral, but his constant bantering drives her to eventually explode with anger on him and quit the job. This displays how motivational tactics need to be balanced, and most often the problem is misunderstanding between the positions that the employee is in by the manager. Without proper communication, no relationship and rapport can be built, so issues of communication and understanding of the emotional elements at play in the daily work environment play a huge role in effectively motivating employees.

  58. The main character of the movie Peter is bored of his routine work and tired of his contemptuous boss in his company. One day after seeing his occupational therapist, Peter’s perception of work changed dramatically. He started to do whatever he feels like and care less about his boss’s order. At an interview with two consultants of the company, he reveals that he feels no motivation or expectation for better compensation of working so hard for this job. His colleagues seem to work so hard, yet the only reason for that is to demonstrate to their boss that they put their jobs in priority and not to be fired. Peter has had enough for the show. He also tells his interviewers that he actually works only for about 15 minutes in any week and does a lot of shirking. He pretends that he is working, and his boss does not know.

    The message this movie tries to send out is that if there is no motivation or reward for employees who work harder and devote more to their jobs, no one will be willing to work any harder. As the movie shows, not only Peter is turned down by his demanding boss at work, but most of his colleagues such as Michael and Samier, and even the waitress Johanna at the restaurant, eventually reached at a point where they could not tolerate anymore. If a boss keeps pushing the limit and asking more from his or her employees, yet doesn’t provide any motivation or benefit to reward their input, the boss will lose authority and power among its employees. When all the dissatisfactions from employees accumulate to a point that they cannot take any longer, they will betray their boss and quit the job without hesitation. Therefore, it is important for managers of a company to remember always including reward plans for hardworking employees, and giving them benefits to motivate them and keep them along by the company’s side.

  59. After watching Office Space, I think that it is truly important to give motivation for employees to work in office. Otherwise, you will not know what will happen to you. It is an interesting movie. Also, it covers lots of issues in workplace. Take myself for example; I used to work in a commercial bank in my country. There are lots of operation-oriented works in our bank. Sometimes delay was occurred by machine not people. The copy machine was always out of order several times a day and the fax machine always lost connection. The worse part was if I complain to related department, sometimes do nothing was their best solution. Everyday I would be depressed by these details. However, I was lucky to have a nice supervisor. She cared employees’ need and was willing to take reasonability to solve problems. She was one of the incentives for me to go to work everyday until she got promotion to other department. In the movies, Joanna said something impressed me most. She told Peter that “most people don’t like their jobs, but you go out there and you will find something that makes you happy. “ If you have no motivation to work and your company can not offer it to you, alternative solution is to find the motivation by yourself. By doing so, you will not commit suicide in the end, just like Tom in the movie.

  60. Larysa Karasev

    Motivation, motivation and motivation! This is the main idea of the movie. One of the most widespread mistakes is manager’s believe that people work for money. These managers really believe that people come to work to get a paycheck at the end of the week! As we can see from this movie, Maslow’s theorem is in place – people need money to address their most primitive needs like food and safe place to live. It is especially true for well-educated professionals – they need to be challenged, they want to solve complicated problems and be rewarded properly and not always in monetary way. I did not like the main hero’s idea of “doing nothing”; I found it a little bit destructive. I think that a person can always find something interesting and useful to do, not just simple watching TV and having a bottle of bear and talking sex.
    There is one more thing that made me very uncomfortable – how INOTECH’s managers treated their employees. I found it outrages – all this “We just fixed a glitch” and “Melton, move your desk 98th time”. I strongly believe that people need respect and they behave accordingly. If someone feels that he /she does not have due respect, he/she starts think in destructive way. Usually this thinking process leads to thoughts “I deserve better, I’ll show them” and even justifying illegal actions as stealing something from company.
    I think that this movie was worth watching one more time and it should be watched by managers of different levels of companies in order to revalue their positions in motivations in a fun and entertaining way.

  61. Matthew Passero

    This is by far one of my favorite comedies of all time. Not only is the entire situation very realistic for the most part and hilarious at that, but the theme of motivation is present all throughout. Even though Peter might have been put in a state of hypnosis for quite some time and basically brainwashed into being nonchalant about everything, it was still very true to the fact that there is drastically less of an incentive to work whatsoever if you don’t actually see the benefits on your own end. However, this is unless you need the money and you simply can’t afford to do otherwise, which is certainly the case for most people. Peter’s daily mundane routine at work was in many ways quite similar to the everyday jobs that we deal with in the sense that we too will do a lot of work, but will not necessarily see any personal gains for our efforts, and if we do it usually is a long-term gain at that. Ultimately, employee and self motivation is the key to a successful company and much more.

  62. Funny and ironic movie, “Office Space”, successfully depicted the situations that employees may face in working places. The ambiance of workplaces as well as the culture of the companies can be created by the management. Despite the specific goals which were set up by companies, without suitable working environment, employees hardly could complete and accomplish the assignments.
    It is crucial for supervisors to motivate their employees, not just using threats and giving pressure. In the film, Bill Lumbergh, who was division vice president, kept pushing his workers by hiring consultants who evaluated and monitored the employees’ performance. Under the pressure from employers, employees could not perform so well and contribute to their works. Even worse, employees may do something to hurt the companies. Because of Bill’s unreasonable instruction, the company finally suffered terrible damage.
    In contrast, employers should motivate their workers by healthy evaluation of performance. Using properly reward power, supervisors could inspire employees and may spur the sales or profits. I believe that a good leader should appropriately use their power and be a bridge between companies and employees.

  63. Office Space shows a very real depiction of today’s work office’s. Anyone in a frustrating working environment would simply quit their job, Although, Peter Gibbons tried to get laid off in some fascinating ways to collect compensation. When you are not respected or noticed in the working environment you can get to despising other employee’s and bosses and seek revenge. The difference between reality and the movie is, you wouldn’t get away with it in the end. The end was great to see them get their “just desserts”. If employee’s had a more active, family like space instead of a daily occurrence of being shoved into a cubical you would have less moody employee’s and more communication. Proper Pay and raises, given people their “due’s” when they earn them should be the more logical way of keeping good employee’s and a good work ethic continuing. The movie was pretty funny, from just an everyday workers perspective. I’d recommend this movie to anyone.

  64. Lauren Spielberg

    Office Space is a prime example of what happens when you don’t motivate your employees. Initially, Peter Gibbons spent most of his day doing things that weren’t work related, such as playing Tetris at his desk. He spent very little time on his TPS reports that were a large part of his whole job. In general, this is a waste of labor and efficiency and causes Initech to have a high labor cost with low output. Management didn’t motivate any of its employees very well. They didn’t communicate that their employees’ work had any effect on the company itself. When Bill Lumbergh was asked how many times he actually looked at the TPS reports he gave an answer that meant he never looked at them. The employees at Initech, especially Peter Gibbons had no motivation to do their work well because it wasn’t even looked at by management. Peter Gibbons was extrinsically motivated by his paycheck for a short period of time. Because he wasn’t intrinsically motivated, he didn’t care about the quantity or quality of his work.

  65. Philip St. Clair

    When I first watched this movie some years ago, I did not see it as a movie revolving around business but rather, just another comedy; and a hilarious comedy at that. However, looking at it through the lens of a business professional is much different. Initech is centered around an environment built on fear and poor management. The employees also lack the fundamental resources, such as a functional copier, to perform their jobs properly. Still, above all else the culture is one that is absent of employee motivation.

    In most traditional capitalistic business settings, motivation is the corner stone to performance. People need to be motivated to perform through the use of management techniques (non-matrix leadership, flat hierarchy), reinforcement (timely feedback, “pat on the backs”) and sometimes rewards (bonuses, vacation). The motivation or moral at Initech was so bad that Peter and his co-workers, not only despised working, they actually stole from the company. This brings up an interesting dichotomy which is that if you give to your employees, they will give back and if you steal from your employees, they will steal back. This is elementary but nevertheless very relevant.

    Lastly, this movie brings into light the depressing downturn that ones personal life can have when in an ungratifying work experience. Peter’s life was spiraling and his relationships were caught in more problems because of his own dissatisfaction in his life. At the end of the movie, when Peter is doing the clean-up from the fire, he finally has found his calling. This is very important. That being that business environments, even ones that do have a positive culture, are not for everyone and in the end it is your own life and lifestyle that should hold the priority.

  66. Aside from being a cult classic, Office Space gives audiences an interesting look at employee motivation. Peter Gibbons, a programmer for Initech, is anything but motivated and dreads going to work each day. Peter is not alone. His two close friends at Initech, Samir Nagheenanajar and Michael Bolton (not the singer), also share Peter’s frustration, but because all of them are fearful of losing their jobs they refuse to quit. Their only real motivation is fear of losing their jobs. Peter puts it perfectly when he says during his meeting with the Bobs, “It’s a problem of motivation, alright. Now, if I work my a** off and Initech ships a few extra units, I don’t see a dime. So where’s the motivation?”

    Despite being a satire, Office Space speaks to the average white collar worker in America. While higher level managers within a company usually receive some form of incentive compensation, lower level employees such as Peter, Samir, and Michael, have salaries that are more or less fixed; therefore, there is generally less goal congruence at lower levels than at higher levels within a company. Employee motivation is necessary at all levels if a company wishes to successfully implement its business strategies. Often times, however, compensation is not enough to motivate employees so it is the responsibility of managers to find unique ways to motivate their subordinates. Motivated employees are more productive and ultimately make the companies they work for more profitable.

  67. Wen-Ting (Doris) Wei

    The movie “Office space” makes me to recall Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Usually, people work for achievement and self-esteem as long as the lower needs are satisfied. Peter was looking for the motivation of working; however, he found nothing, even didn’t get respect of his boss Bill. This movie represents a terrible working environment due to an inconsiderate and mean boss. In a company, the working atmosphere is always created by the boss who can either inspire employees to work hard or depress them. Although Bill didn’t really do anything wrong, he couldn’t make his employees to feel like to work hard. I believe the main reason was that Bill never cared about what employees want and never listened to their feelings, but just kept adding the workload to them. In other words, if only work for living but no achievement and encouragement, people tend to be negligent of duty. On the other hand, we can just move to a better organization from the bad one if we keep improving our ability and always be prepared, so it will be our own decision to pursue a higher need.

  68. Jasmit Singh

    I could actually relate to this movie as I come from a computer science background and completely understand the role of motivation in a company like Initech. Peter Gibson is shown as just another programmer who thinks that he is doing enough to save his job; he doesn’t really want to work extra as he doesn’t have any motivation to do so. The upper management of the companies always gets some kind of incentive /reward for their contribution but life is very stable at the entry level positions. His lack of job satisfaction affects his personal life as well. The movie tries to establish a directly proportional relation between motivation and productivity. Bill’s inability to lead and motivate people to do their job properly results in a loss for the company in terms of productivity and quality of work. Thus, it is extremely important for the management to continuously think about various ways of motivating their employees.

  69. Jeff Wolniewicz

    Office Space was a classic satire of the American workplace. Many Americans can relate to the character of Peter Gibbons and his boring work stuck inside a cubicle. Peter’s character is an excellent example of a lack of employee motivation. Two themes are shown in the movie that contribute heavily to Peter’s lack of motivation.

    The first theme is the lack of communication within Initech. Peter’s main role at Initech is generating TPS reports. When Peter makes an error on his TPS reports, he claims in his meeting with the “Bobs” that he has to hear about the error from three different bosses. There should be a more effective line of communication at Initech so that Peter is only spoken to by one superior. Also, the fear of reprisal is only basic extrinsic motivation. Peter states that one of his only motivations to do his work is so he doesn’t have to get yelled at.

    The second theme is leading to poor employee motivation is the compensation plan used by Initech. Initech has no sort of incentive package for employees who go above and beyond. Peter also touches on this in his meeting with the “Bobs”. Peter says that he has a problem of motivation because even if he works his ass off and helps Initech ship a few more units, he doesn’t see a dime of that profit, so why work harder? Without incentives, his only motivation is to do only enough work not to get fired.

    Office Space is a cult classic, very funny, and I would recommend the movie to anyone. It also showcases mistakes that companies make that lead to low employee motivation. Companies need to go beyond basic extrinsic motivation such as fear of firing and find a way to motivate their employees to perform better intrinsically.

  70. Sonal Sawant

    The movie `Office Space’ is real yet a witty take, revolving around the issue of employee motivation whether at Initech or Chotchkie’s. And it makes a fair platform of underlying motivational issues at a work place.

    Peter, Samir and Michael characterize real world employees at the Initech who have a hard time surviving with mundane issues. Bill their boss comes across as a grumpy and nagging person who would care less about employee satisfaction. Peter has a hard time catching up with his eight bosses, his noisy neighbors at work place and rough hours. And adding to real motivation, there is no sort of monetary compensation whatsoever with the hard work put in. All of these factors create lethargy, tardiness and ill feeling towards the work and the company within the employees.

    Also there is a buzz around that some of the staff would be retrenched by the visiting consultants the Bob’s. Samir and Michael see no reason here of why they both are kicked even after working so hard and being the best in the company. This is when Peter feels the need to backslash on this harsh treatment and plans to pilfer enough money from the company. Some glitch left by Michael eventually fails this plan, but Peter changes his profession and Samir and Michael get other jobs. It just shows that employees reach a point where if the system is run the same way in and out with no signs of improvement, the black slash can take an extreme turn. Here in the case of Initech being set on fire. Hence it is important for the surviving industries in real world to reconsider their thought processes about employee satisfaction as it plays a major role in company workings.

    Also Joanna who works for Chotckies faces the same employee motivation problem. She too has a boss Stan who is inconsiderate and makes the wearing of flairs a nagging issue. Ultimately she bounces back at him and cares less and leaves her job.

    Irrespective of whether it’s a software firm or a restaurant, it is clear that motivation plays a major role in employee satisfaction. It can be in the form of praise or monetary compensation or healthy working environment, or anything for that matter. But it is important that motivation is taken seriously to boost employee morale.


    I think working surrounding is really important not only for employees but also employers. Under outmoded environment, people are easily to feel tired, boring and unmotivated. For instance, Peter came to see a psychologist then found out what kind of life is he really wants. He decide to do real himself not as usual hard-worker. In this way, he did himself and got promotion. I think people who can work in an interesting, creative and happy environment must be work efficiently. However, the only wrong thing they did in this movie is that they try to steal money from company to their personal accounts. Even if you got lay off, you still need to have ethic. Otherwise, the following company will not to hire you cause you got some problem with personality.

  72. This is definitely an interesting movie. Maybe it somewhat exaggerates the situation in the office. However, the different ways that boss treats his/her employees heavily influence the morale and productivity of employees.
    I was lucky to have a very good boss before I came to study. His philosophy is that once he hires you, you are totally trusted. Thus he respects us as we are families. He thinks people should be responsible for themselves. He chooses not supervise tightly so that we are not like “prisoners”. What else he does is to help us reduce the paper work the organization asks for, treat us and even more he asks us to leave office earlier. Though the content of daily work is trivial, he really motivates us a lot.
    On the contrary, the other division of our company has a notorious boss who is the extreme of mine. His employees suffer a lot from his distrust. Some of them do receive some kind of mental therapy.
    Of course, in real life, people are not easily to revenge in this dramatic way as “Office Space” performs. Most of the time, people have to endure what they face in office. We have no idea what position we will in the future. However, the story reminds us one day if we position to manage colleague, motivate others and we ourselves is truly one of the most issue we need to deal with.

  73. Lindsay Burleson

    Well first let me say that I am very excited that this movie was on the list, for 2 reasons, 1 it is a great depiction of the real world, and 2, I own it, so I didnt have to pay to rent it!
    Office Space is the story of Peter, who is like most American workers, he follows Taylor’s principles of scientific managment. Employees are put into small cubicles and discourages from worker interaction. Even though these norms are set up, Peter finds a way to make friends with a few of the other employees. We find out through this collaboration that the men are really motivated by money and have a lot of anamosity built up against the company. They work just enough to ensure job security and are only there for the money.
    Peter elaborates on the aspect of employee motivation when speaking with upper management. He says that he has 8 bosses, and when he does something wrong, he is reprimanded by 8 different people. His motivation not to screw up, is to not get hasseled.
    It’s amazing to see what the average white collar worker is thinking while he or she goes through the day. It is all interesting to be able to analyze what motivates different people. Is it money, power, ambition, or something else?? And does this change with demographics?? Does is change according to position??

  74. This film is one of my favorite comedies of all time. Its genius is in its simplicity and realism. The basis of this film is a small group of friends in a relatively boring tech job. The problem in this movie arises when the main antagonist, the soulless company, manifested in the form of Peter Gibbon’s boss Bill Lumbergh, does not have a clue as to what is going on in the heads of those below him. When a manager does not understand the wants, needs, and motivation of his/her employees, it is nearly impossible to increase their productivity. When confronted by the consultants that come to the office to optimize operations, Peter really gives light to his poor behavior at work. Since he has no incentive to be productive, other than the fact that if he slacks off he gets hassled by 8 bosses, he only works hard enough to not get hassled or fired. This is all to common in the workplace nowadays and it proves that a manager cannot be successful unless he/she can connect with and understand his/her employees.

  75. Daniel Pokidaylo

    Bill Lumbergh could possibly be one of the worst employee motivating boss’s ever. He has monotone expressions and could care less about his employees own well being. Hence, this leads Peter Gibbon’s to not care about his job, or company. Bill’s managerial style is so demented, it leads Peter to want to live a carefree and careless lifestyle rather than trying to earn a living. If i were to have a boss like Bill, I would probably quit within a week.
    All in all, this movie is great and I have seen it over a dozen times and was glad to watch it again.

  76. Anthony Olenik

    Office Space is a comedic classic of the American workplace. Peter, the main character is stuck in a seemingly dead end job, where several bosses nag him about the same tasks daily. Mr. Lumbergh is the stereotypical boss that doesn’t reward his employees or socialize with them. Peter, without motivation and a likeable boss, only does enough to get through the day without being fired.

    This attitude and company atmosphere leads Peter and two of his laid off friends to steal from the company discreetly. Although the plan backfires, they are saved when a fire destroys the evidence. Ultimately Office Space shows the importance of providing some type of feedback and rewards mechanism to motivate employees. Even forming a more personalized relationship between boss and employee can create a satisfying work environment.

  77. Zeta (Jiaxi Chen)

    Office Space is a satiric comedy which dose gives audiences an interesting look at employee motivation. Peter Gibbons, a programmer for Initech, feels exhausted with his boring job and doesn’t really want to work extra hours without any motivation. When he is doing hypnotherapy, he tells the doctor that every single day you see him when he starts to work, that’s the worst day of his life. He asks the doctor whether there is any way to make him feel that he is not working during his work time. His two close friends at Initech, Samir and Michael, also share Peter’s frustration, but because all of them feel afraid to lose their jobs so they refuse to quit.
    When people lose their motivation, however, their job performance suffers — they become less productive, less creative, less of an asset to the company. This movie gives us a very good example about the relationship between motivation and productivity. Peter’s bosses think that they can motivate Peter by empowering and commanding him. They also make Peter feel fearful about them. But without an environment where employees can best motivate and empower themselves, employees can’t get them involved and work productively. That’s why a lot of yelling from the bosses won’t seem to “light a spark under employees” for a very long time. In this movie, Peter and other employees feel that their work is not worthwhile and contribution is not respected either. Peter also grumbles his dissatisfaction at the meeting with the “Bobs”. Peter says: “It’s a problem of motivation, alright. Now, if I work my ass off and Initech ships a few extra units, I don’t see a dime. So where’s the motivation?” Of course, without incentives, why should he work hard? If every employee in Initech should think about what is good to the company before they start to work, then have the bosses ever thought what is good for employees after they contribute to this company. Now, Peter’s only motivation is to do enough work to make sure that he is not yelled by his bosses and not get fired.
    Meanwhile, Initech’s goals are not aligned with the goal of Peter. Thus, sometimes Peter even pretends to work. Peter’s bosses only command him do whatever they want and push him work extra hours during weekend when Peter actually wants to fall asleep at home and stay with his girlfriend to enjoy happy time. There is a funny scene that when it’s nearly 5pm at Friday afternoon, Peter can’t wait to get out of the office and suddenly he finds his boss walk around him. He doesn’t want to bump with his boss because he knows that his boss is going to ask him come to work at this weekend. So he shut down his computer very quickly. When he finally shut it down, his boss suddenly stands in front of him and asks him come back to work this weekend. Employers of Initech should communicate with their emploees, try to convey information about the goal of this company and get employees involved by providing any incentives to motivate them perform well. Either with something small like a gift certificate or something more substantial such as a performance-based bonus or salary increase. Give out “Employee of the Month” awards…
    Finally, Peter and his friends can’t stand anymore and decide to take revenge by stealing money from their company account. But at the end of the movie, Peter feels regret and returns money to company. He also writes an apology letter and leaves it under his boss’s door. However, when he goes to work next morning, the office building has been burned by another disgruntled worker. The end of this movie is so dramatic that makes me stunned. It might not going happen in real life. But it also gives us a good lesson that motivation is very important to company and employees. Without a proper motivation, employees can’t perform productively to achieve the goal of company.

  78. Rory Quiller

    Office Space is a comedy that chronicles the time of a computer programmer, Peter, and his fellow workers as they update software for the Y2K switch. This film takes a job that serves as a symbol of all that is unappealing about work, and shows how different employees deal with the day to day drudgery. The boss, Lumburg, is a monotone version of a typical transactional leader, devoid of any charisma. Peter is everyman, he hates his job, slacks during work hours, and slowly counts the days until he dies. Perhaps the greatest thing to happen to an employee at the job is getting hit by a truck and getting disability. What is funny about this film is that when properly motivated, Peter and his friends can hack into Initechs accounts and take millions, something that would be impossible for most people, demonstrating that the talent is in the employees it just isn’t tapped. The Bobs act as consultants to make the company more efficient, the comedy here comes in that they find value in the laziest employee they have, Peter. It is only after Peter stops trying entirely that he is promoted and truly enjoys his job, or lack of job. I think that the real message of the film was not so much in employee motivation as it was in job selection. Surely, if one chooses a job well than they get satisfaction out of going to work each day. Motivation comes into play when the job is less than desirable, as was the case here, and it is the duty of the boss and organization to challenge the employee to test themselves and find joy in what they do. The take home message is that a transactional approach is not the way to accomplish this because people can only be so motivated by a paycheck.

  79. Peter is bored with his job, but that may be offset if he were properly motivated. His problems are twofold: lousy incentives and lots of minutia. He says no matter how hard he works, he doesn’t get any more compensation. When upper management does well, they get the gains from rising stock price. For minutia, it seems Lumberg doesn’t pay much attention to the TPS reports. When eight people are bothering you about something that is mostly irrelevant, it can get to you. On a company level, having eight people gathering on one guy might mean either too much middle management or poor delineation of duties.

  80. Tzu-Chuan Chiu (Anson)

    Office space is a fantastic comedy. The actors, actresses, and the directors are very creative. The screenwriter put many elements in the movie that people’s everyday life. The story is about a man, Peter, who works for an IT company in California. The beginning of his day was on a high way with a lot of traffic, just like everybody who lived in California. The traffic line moved when he was not in the line. When he finally got to the office, he would be fighting to the static electricity. After he sat in his cubicle, his manager came to him right away. Because he did not use the new cover for T.P.S. report, the manager, just like every manager in an office, was very concerning that he did not use a new T.P.S. report cover. Then, everyone in the office kept remind him that he needs to use a new cover for T.P.S. report. It seemed very serious he did not use a new cover for the T.P.S. report. Later in the morning, Peter heard from a co-worker about the down-sizing of the company. Everyone in the office was worried about the news. Nobody wants to get fired.
    Peter’s live changed when he went to a psychologist with his girlfriend. He was hypnotized during the process and the psychologist died. Suddenly, he realized that life is short, and he wanted to live for himself. The next day, a Saturday, he refused to work for his manager on weekends. He turned on his answering machine and slept. He broke up with his girlfriend and asked another girl out on Monday. He talked to the consultants who were here to fire people.
    In the movie, the part Peter talked to the consultants, revealed many problems in his company. The managers were doing nothing but telling his people to work for him in weekend. The organization of the company was obviously too many people. The “utility” of the working people was very low. According to Peter’s description of his typical day, his actual working time was only 15 minute in a day. This was a huge problem on personnel management for the company. Besides, he did not have any motivation to work. First, his job contents were very boring. Second, for the report, his boss cared about the cover rather than the contents. Writing reports was important to a company because the report kept the records and a manager could track his subordinates according to paper documents. However, there is a trade-off between efficiency and completeness of the documents. I think efficiency is the most important thing when handling a company. A manager needs to motivate his people. He needs to lead his team to work for him. But people are very sensitive to their leader. It is really a challenge question that “How can I make my people work for me?” for a manager. Another co-worker, who worked as an intermediate between the customers and the engineers, a special position that not hard to find in an IT company, had a secretary working for him. I wonder why the company hired a secretary for him since he would have nothing to do after hiring a secretary. Hiring is easier than firing. It is hard to change when a decision is made in a company. This IT company kept too many people who work inefficiently.
    It was also played in the movie that the ethics being a person. Three main characters were trying to collect the cents of the cent by using software to break into their bank customers’ computer systems. The girl pointed out that this was a stealing behavior. Although Peter had a perfect excuse to explain their behavior, the writer gave them an instant punishment. The software they used was not working perfectly. They got 10-fold of the money that they expected. Peter ended up taking the whole responsibility and was preparing to go to the jail for what he did. Again, the movie gave the audience a lesson that never breaking the law. Evil will be recompensed with evil.

  81. Alex Valensi

    Office Space deals with the morale of the everyday 9 to 5 worker that is unhappy with their job yet doesn’t do anything/feels they can’t do anything about it. The attitudes that the characters possess in this movie may be a bit farfetched especially the way Lumbergh treated Milton with the desk moving, and Peter with the coming into work over the weekend. Lumbergh’s tactic of not letting his employees get a word in seemed effective which set him apart as the manager. However, when Peter actually stands up to Lumbergh as is seen in the scene where Peter knocks down one of the walls of his cubicle and then leaves to the meeting with the two Bobs, Lumbergh is left there dazed and confused with Peter emerging victorious in that confrontation. Office Space portrays how the little things play a large role in the emotions of the employees, such as the cover sheet for the T.P.S. reports with Peter and the copier machine with Samir and Michael. The two Bobs find that the care free attitude that Peter possesses after his hypnosis therapy are manager worthy qualities and promote him. This touches upon the notion that it is the manager who isn’t so uptight and that can roll with the punches that will be the most successful in business, i.e. the one who is in tune with the people. With his new attitude, Peter is able to effectively communicate with the Bobs, and his charismatic display is what gets him the promotion. While the plan to steal the money was merely a side plot in a film about employee motivation and well being, it provided insight into the capabilities of the frustrated worker, and while the majority of sacked employees do not exact revenge in such a manner, the stress associated with the heist mirror that of the everyday stress one encounters in their career, as if the theft itself became their new job.

  82. Keatan Fisher

    Peter Gibbons is a computer programmer at Initech, who decides he doesn’t want to go to work anymore. I think the most important seen of the movie by far is when Peter meets with the Bobs. Peter tells them that he shows up late, spaces out during work, and only does about fifteen minutes of actual work a week. He outright tells the Bobs that he is not lazy, but he just doesn’t care, and it’s a problem of motivation. Peter raises a very good point, and that is why should he work any harder if he’s not compensated for his extra efforts? Not only is motivation a problem, but Initech clearly has a problem with the span of control it has implemented. I think it’s funny that Peter says his only real motivation is to not be hassled by 8 different bosses. Peter outright also says that the threat of losing a job will only make somebody work hard enough to just not get fired. The Bobs recognize that it’s not Peter that’s the problem, but that he isn’t being challenged enough to be motivated. Initech clearly needs to find a way to motivate its employees. Perhaps instilling some kind of piece-rate work would help motivate employees, where they would make extra money above what they already do to compensate them for their extra work. Initech clearly isn’t utilizing their human capital to the fullest.
    More subtly, the movie also shows that Peter’s girlfriend, Joanna, is unmotivated at work, in the eyes of her boss anyway. He tells her this by nagging at her about wearing the minimum pieces of flare. Joanna’s boss takes her “lack” of flare as a sign that she isn’t willing to work hard. This is portrayed when her boss asks her “what do you think of somebody that only does the bear minimum?”

  83. Scott Buckley

    Anyone who has ever worked in an office should have no problem relating to at least one part in this movie. It follows Peter Gibbons, a lower-level computer programmer working for Initech. Along with his friends, Michael and Samir, Peter suffers numerous indignities from upper management and from a severe lack of motivation. He chooses to skip out on work just as the company hires “efficiency experts” to assist with downsizing efforts. Peter meets with the Bobs and makes their job easier by explaining everything that is wrong with the company without any inhibition. He simply tells the Bobs that he receives nothing for working harder and only works out of fear of losing his job and being hassled by eight bosses. Peter ends up getting promoted while Michael and Samir, two of the company’s better employees, get fired. After this, Peter, Michael and Samir plot to steal money from the company as revenge. Clearly, the company does not compensate well, it does not show how much employees are valued nor does it stress loyalty. Management isn’t organized so one screw up turns into several as Peter is confronted by different managers for his missing cover sheet on the TPS report. This is obviously annoying and confronting a simple mistake such as this only needs to be done once. Initech company policy and management should be analyzed first because that’s where the problems seem to stem from.

  84. “Office Space” is truely a funny movie. Starts from the traffic jam at the beginning, the movie closely depicts the every day life of employees: how they keep their relationships with their works and with their supervisors. This movie also points out that how important the work environment and the management are. Working environment influences the mood of workers. Good working environment can improve the efficiency of a worker. Managers are as important as the workplace. They have to know how to motivate employees to make them work more effectively and efficiently. These issues are extremely important that managers should know because these effect the competitiveness of a company.

  85. John Efinger

    Like many others, I do not think you can ask for a better movie to watch to depict “typical” employee behavior. Each character employs their own tactics to make it through each day at work, typically keeping their head down and avoiding the boss at all costs in attempt to make it through another week. Peter’s evolution throughout the movie is clear, as he moves from being motivated, like everyone else to survive work, to enjoying work, or if he can not enjoy work, enjoying his day in every way possible.

    The most applicable point to take away from the movie is the evident flaw in Lumbergh’s management style, as he tries to motivate his employees with fear, which fails on Peter and inevitably causes Milton to burn down the company. Of course, some common courtesies, like giving Milton his beloved red stapler, would have saved the company, but being out of touch with his employees, Lumbergh would never have known that.

  86. Peter Gibbons is a programmer for Initech. One scene in the movie Peter Gibbons asked “What if we’re still doin’ this when we’re 50? ”

    Office Space is a great movie and it is so funny.It has a lot of relationship with the real business world. First, the moral in Initech is really low and thus employees there do not motivation to work. Second, the relation between management and employees is really bad. It seems the employees are not recognized and the management don’t know how to treat employees with respect. In this case, the management has pushed too much. Third, Initech should give the employees some attachment and make them feel company loyalty through some rewards, such as promotion and more compensation. Management should know how to motivate employees to do their work. The movie shows us what would happen if employees do not have motivations and feedback. I would recommend this movie to people who like work-related comedies.

  87. Frank Balice

    The movie Office Space offers a fairly good representation of what its actually like to work in an office environment. However, like any other comedy, it does stretch some boundaries and truth.

    One of my favorite moments is when the main character, Peter, claims that sometimes he does just enough work as to not get fired. He also states that if he works very hard, he doesn’t see another dime yet Initech, his company, reaps the benefits. Herein lies the problem of employee motivation.

    The movie did show a potential manager how not to treat his/her subordinates. At one point in the movie several of Peter’s co-workers kept bothering him about not putting a cover on a TPS report. They kept telling him about a memo that went out earlier telling all the employees to put cover sheets on these reports. However, most of the people went about it in the wrong fashion; they just kept repeating the same statements to Peter over and over again, which eventually drove Peter insane causing him to take a very early lunch break.

    Initech did such a bad job at motivating its employees that no one became excited at the thought of a casual dress day and, moreover, some employees conspired to slowly steal money from the company after learning that they were to be terminated.

    Hopefully, we can all learn from this movie that a manager must make his subordinates feel comfortable at work and not stressed. Moreover, the manager should aim to make the workplace a somewhat fun and tolerable environment because people will be spending most of their time at their job.

  88. Chiao-Yin Chang

    The movie “Office space” depicts America workplace with a funny way. It uses a ironic way to describe the relationship between the miserable employees and the strict supervisors. When I saw some plots in the movie, it recall the same experiences I had encountered that make me laugh. In the movie, we could see Bill ,the division vice president, is a terrible manger in the company. He manages people with stress instead of inspiration. The atmosphere of work place would influence employee’s performance. That’s why Milton destroyed the company at the end. Therefore, the movie conveys the concept that employer should create a comfortable environment with appropriate evaluation system then help employee to have motivation to work hard.

  89. Office Space is a hilarious movie that I’ve watched many times over the years. While the movie does make some valid points on employee motivation tactics, it exaggerates them to the point of absurdity.

    If we were forced to analyze the movie for employee motivation techniques we’d find a few. Let’s see… don’t give a person 9 bosses. Don’t belittle your employees by giving them pointless assignments just to exercise power. Don’t make the prime motivation for work be to avoid being fired. If you’re a manger, don’t talk like a smug prick and, above all else, don’t say “mmmmk?”. Don’t jump to conclusions about your girlfriends sex life. Don’t get hypnotized by a guy with heart problems. Never trust foreigners with decimal points. Wait.. I think we got off track here.

    The point is that Office Space’s value as an entertainment piece for stoners is unquestionable. It’s value as an MBA educational piece, however, is dubious at best.

  90. Office Space is a great movie about employee motivation. It shows you exactly what not to do to an employee. Just to name a few things that are done poorly to motivate Peter:
    – He has almost as many bosses as fingers, making it so that every time he does the smallest thing wrong he hears about it over and over again. This is a testament to the lack of communication between the managers at the company.
    – Peter is made to work weekends, which by itself is not bad, but he is not involved in the discussion. His boss just comes to him and tells him that he has to do it.
    – Also, Milton is not paid and forced to work in the basement with no lights (which must be a motivator to STOP working)

    All in All, if you are a manager and you do everything the opposite of the managers in this movie, you have a pretty good chance of being a good manager.

  91. Michael Warren

    This movie demonstrates how a typical employee may behave during the work day. They tend to avoid their boss and just hope the day will pass to make it through the week. Peter is trying to make it through the work week without getting fired. He gets yelled at by his bosses about the same tasks over and over. Mr. Lumbergh, his boss, chooses not to socialize or reward his employees and this leads to Peter, Michael, and Samir (two of his friends) to steal from the company. Their attempt backfires but are saved when Milton sets fire to the office building. This movie shows that a boss should pay better attention to its employees. A few ways a boss can motivate their employees are through forming a somewhat personal relationship with them, provide feedback to them, as well as reward them. This will create a better work envirmonment for everyone in the company.

  92. Having just used some clips from Office Space in a presentation last week means I have many comments on the movie. It is critical to reference Peter’s encounter with Bob and Bob as they examine the efficiency of Initech. Peter’s work environment does not follow the rule of 1, meaning each person should have only one manager that they directly report to. By having 8, it only causes confusion, hassle, and disappointment of an average employee like Peter. Also, Peter knows full well that a good job on his part does not result in any direct benefit for his compensation. The consequence is that Peter only wants to do enough to not get fired, but nothing more than that. This demonstrates that a significant part of motivation is compensation. Will there be bonuses, a piecework compensation bonus, opportunities for promotion, or acknowledgment of achievement in any way? If there isn’t, don’t expect too much from every employee, as Peter demonstrates. Also, the movie shows that unless intelligent, capable workers are harnessed for the company’s benefit, the employees may direct their intellect to harmful, unconstructive ideas.

  93. Kuo-Shen Huang

    After watching this movie, I would think how important to get along with your colleagues, how significant to make use of your intelligent to solve the problems, and how considerable to improve your personal skills. In this high-competitive sociality, it is important for us to keep promoting ourselves and continue learning new information so that we will not be eliminated by this environment. Take Peter in the movie as a good example, he should be worried about being laying off even though he doesn’t like his job. However, if he is able to cultivate his capability, he doesn’t need to worry about that.
    Another point is how, as a supervisor, to let your employees completely accept you and be willing to work for you plays a significant role in any company. Supervisors should always need to communicate its staff and nurture its temper so that everyone would comply them more.

  94. Philip Pellegrino

    Office Space is a movie about the stereotypical cubical-ridden workplace. It is a comedic portrayal of how boring and miserable daily life can be if you don’t like your job. The main character, Peter, hates his job for many reasons. He does the same thing day in and day out and every time he makes a mistake, he hears about it from each of his managers. His TPS reports are mundane and are not challenging at all. One very effective form of employee motivation is challenging employees and helping them to achieve more. Doing the same boring work every day and being scolded by 3 different people all day long would make me hate my job also.

  95. Chris Bellinzoni

    When I watched this movie with an eye for employee motivation two things immediately came to mind. First, clearly not everyone within an organization is meant to lead others and second, untold loses are created when people are not motivated to identify with their work. When you observe Lumbergh interact with his employees its very clear that has no business leading other people. In my eyes this is a failure on the part of upper management for putting him in this position, and something that probably occurs fairly often in the real world. For whatever reason Lumbergh was promoted to manager, it certainly was not for his great ability to motivate those around him. He was probably promoted either for being a good staff level employee, or simply because he had been with the company. For whatever reason he obtained the manager position, I think it’s a good example of what can go wrong when a person’s leadership abilities are not accurately gauged before being put in such a position.

  96. Niamh Delaney

    Office Space is one of my favorite films. It is a fantastic satire about an office environment where the employees are disgruntled and management is completely oblivious. At the beginning of the film, Peter, the main character undergoes hypnosis at the request of his girlfriend. While under hypnosis, his therapist dies leaving Peter in a perpetual trance where he is totally blunt with his feelings and has no regard for the consequences of his actions. Peter’s new state of mind, coincided with his company, Intertec, hiring consultants to study the firms productivity.

    Instead of Peter’s poor attendance and could care less attitude resulting in termination, Peter is actually promoted. The consultants feel that Peter is brilliant and a real asset to the company and not being stimulated enough at work. When they interview him to get an idea of his daily activities, he openly admits to spacing out for an hour every morning and doing just enough to not get fired. He also candidly criticizes the management at Intertec by saying that having multiple bosses does nothing to help productivity it is only frustrating. Peter admits that he has no motivation to help his company shift more units because he won’t gain any benefit from it.

    Intertec is a prime example of a company where management is out of touch with what is going on with employees. The upper management makes decisions and lets the effects of those decisions trickle down, rather than accessing company productivity from the bottom up. As a result employees are disgruntled and communication is poor. For example the guy in the movie who’s desk keeps getting moved, it turned out had been fired for months but no one bothered to communicate that fact to him. Unfortunately, there are a lot of office environments where managers are out of touch. I think this movie should be a lesson to MBA students as future managers to pay close attention to the needs of employees, and to take the time to figure out what motivates people to work for a higher level of productivity.

  97. George DeVardo

    Office Space is a great movie and I have seen it many many times. Aside from the hilarious situations and colorful characters I think the main thing to take away from this movie is Peter’s philosophy after the hypnosis to do what makes you happy.

    Of course Peter’s case is extreme because all he wants to do is nothing, which just happens to work out for him throughout the movie. But I think the moral of this movie is that people should not go to work and dread it, but they should enjoy it. Just working for a paycheck although sometimes necessary, is not what a person’s profession should be about. Even if doing what you like means making less money, in the long run you will be a happier and more productive person doing something you enjoy.

  98. For obvious reasons, “Office Space” is a hilarious movie. It pokes fun at many stereotypical business practices and experiences that have plagued the modern office for some time. Aside from the humor, it is valuable to take a close look at the points that the movie makes about employee motivation. Perhaps the greatest takeaway from the film is the idea that each employee is unique, and thus each employee requires a different set of motivating actions. Some employees would be best motivated by the promise of a raise or through profit sharing programs, while others may only desire more desk space or a red Swingline stapler. The movie also highlights the possible repercussions of low employee morale, which in turn emphasizes the need for security in today’s workplaces. This fact is especially true in the highly developed, technological corporate environment of the modern era.

  99. Job satisfaction results from the presence of motivators which are related to the job content and are comprised of feelings of achievement, meaningful work, opportunities for advancement, increase in responsibility, and recognition. However, from what Peter Gibbons said, “human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day, filling out useless forms and listening to eight different bosses drone on about mission statements,” we can tell that he has no real feeling of achievement, responsibility, or recognition. His job requires him to go through lots of data and is very boring. The fact that he “spaces out” constantly during his job, and only does about 15 minutes of “real actual work” in a week, definitely points to a lack of meaningful work.

    No matter the size of a company, having a team of motivated, hard-working employees is crucial to business success. When employees lose their motivation, their job performance suffers — they become less productive, less creative, less of an asset to the company.

  100. Molly McManus

    Office Space is a very funny movie that also puts factors of employee motivation into perspective. The movie basically shows what not to do in top management as it relates to employee motivation and retention. Lumberg is quick to come to Peter to point out his mistakes, as well as his other 7 bosses, but you never see him encouraging or rewarding employees for doing a good job. Also, they just let Milton keep circling from payroll back to them instead of telling him that he was laid off—Lumberg is scared of confrontation, which is a dangerous attribute in top management. In Peter’s meeting he states that there is no motivation or sense of empowerment in the office, therefore everyone just works hard enough to not get fired. It shows that a company’s culture and environment really does have a large effect on employee efficiency just by making it so employees feel that what they are doing is contributing positively to the company…if in fact they want to help the company.

  101. Shih-Ching Wang

    If you have worked full time, you can really understand what the movie expresses. You work so hard all day, but don’t know where the goal or future is. In addition, like Bill Lumbergh, your boss also asks you to do the best thing for your company, but doesn’t tell you what the company will do for you. Those are what happened in the movie and perhaps in our daily lives. A good manager not only makes the most profit for the company, but also has to realize what employees need. When being satisfied with their demands or able to expect their future lives, employees will devote themselves to work wholeheartedly. This is employee motivation.
    We all need some reasons to inspire us to accomplish our tasks, and no matter that physical or mental things are. As a manager or supervisor, you should provide these reasons to your employees. You have to encourage or inspire them often, not to blame or punish, and give them good mood in the office. Only when having good mood and considering them necessary and important for the company, employees will work hard and efficiently, and then the company will make more profit. In the contrary, a gloomy and depressing working place would decrease the productivity and efficiency of employees. Therefore, how to motive employees is an important lesson for managers.

  102. Serdar Sonmez

    Office Space is one of my favorite movies. Besides being funny, it describes how important it is to motivate your employees in the workplace. In the movie, you see that unmotivated employees were not being efficient, were not working, and were not being productive.
    Management is responsible to monitor and motivate their employees to gain the highest performance. Communication is the biggest key in that aspect. Lack of communication and respect between the manager and his employees lead to problems in the office.

  103. Michael Buxbaum

    Office Space is a great satirical comedy of typical cubical work life. When one’s work is dull and not demanding, like Peter Gibbons’, there is little motivation to excel. The only motivation he has is his paycheck, and with no incentive to work harder by some means of extra compensation, he just goes through his day by avoiding confrontation with his boss because he does not want to be harassed. Throughout the movie, we see Peter goes from enjoying work to just passing the days with any means possible. This is definitely a good, yet sad depiction of the life of an average American worker.

  104. Yu-Chen Jeng

    “Office Space” is a funny movie about the workplace in the U.S. It shows the motivation is a significant thing in the working environment. It is a movie which let me recall the life I had ever been with before I study MBA program in U.S. I do not face the situation I could be laid off, but I feel the routine stuff is very boring. At last, I decided to chase my dream in Binghamton University and want to be a fund manager in the future. I will say it is important for everyone to pursue the life he or she really wants. Everyone have to find what he or she likes to do as a career.

  105. Wen Jiun Tsai

    Office Space uncover the career life happening in most of people’s life in a satire tone. What impresses me much is the word ” go ahead” from the boss. These two words sound really familiar with me. It seems I heard these two words 2 years ago while I worked for a technology company. The movie was just so real to reflect the deep down inside of people’s hearts.

    People are easy to get tired of the routine jobs after working for years. And the employee motivation from upper management is a seasoning to encourage the employees to keep on improving. In the movie, the boss discouraged employees with his dull advise and not constructive blames. The most precious for employees is how the upper management motivates employee in an honest discussion and idea exchange rather than the ordering. Further, only when the upper management take employees’ complaints or expression seriously, the motivation can start working.
    Office space is a interesting movie to reflect most of people’s heart and encourage people to try to think out of the box whenever you are stuck.

  106. Ariana Axelrod

    Office Space is definitely one of my favorite movies. It is a satire on the everyday mundane routine of the average technology office worker. It puts a spin on the importance of employee motivation. Each employee must be motivated and challenged individually rather than having cookie cutter expectations from each person. It also shows the importance of having one boss rather than having several people overhead to report too. Overall it is an excellent movie.

  107. Chin-Hsiang Lin

    It recalled me my first job in my country while I was seeing this movie. I was enjoy doing my work and satisfied with my job because I felt confident form solving the problem and getting the achievement form the challenge mission. I appreciated that I owned a good manager because he always backed me up when I encountered some troubles or inspired me by positive attitude. Much different from the movie, the boss, Bill was not a good manager and used the strict way instead of inspiration. This could give employees a frustration or discouragement. The performance of employees could be affected in a bad side. The worst thing is it could make the company in the end, like Milton destroyed the company. Therefore, I think the more important thing for a good boss in the office is not push how employees work hard but use a friendly way to motive his or her employees to work efficiently.

  108. Gary Pereira

    Office Space highlights exactly what is wrong with Corporate America. Working in cubicles goes against human nature, and Peter exemplifies his detestation for his working environment throughout the movie. Humans are supposed to be outside interacting with nature and getting their hands dirty (read: Bear Grills in Man vs. Wild). Packing people into smaller and smaller spaces is only going to drive people closer to insanity. Companies have started to realize this and have started to change. Here is a site that list some cool places to work, I suggest people to take a look.

    Management in this movie is about as ignorant to the problems at their company as our politicians are to problems in our country. They talk through employees not to employees. Opinions are not shared and nothing is improved at the company. Even the ‘consultants’ are oblivious to the problem. When Peter shares his insight it was like someone just pulled a rabbit out of a hat. If managers want to learn from this movie just do the exact opposite of what Lumbergh did.

    I would just like to share my favorite quote of the movie:

    Peter Gibbons: Let me ask you something. When you come in on Monday, and you’re not feelin’ real well, does anyone ever say to you, ‘Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays’?
    Lawrence: No. No, man. Shit, no, man. I believe you’d get your ass kicked sayin’ something like that, man.

  109. Zachary Unger

    This satire shows everything that bad managers love about the business world. Have a problem? call Bob and Bob to fire some unproductive souls. ensure free thinkers are kept quiet, and doing TPS report cover sheets. Make aboslutely certain everyone has multiple bosses to respond to so when they do something wrong they can hear about it all day. I think that sometimes it becomes too easy to forget what its like to sit in a cubicle when you are in your nice big corner office. I truly hope that we all as managers, remember that even if you are not the top dog at a firm, you deserve dignity, and a happy thought provoking career atmosphere. Hopefully we can all come up with innovative ways to motivate employees beyond the treat of being fired, and the meager motivation that free pizza day and a bi-weekly paycheck provide.

    This is actually the movie that made me motivated to change the way businesses operate. I still hold on to the hope that one day I will be a manager as far from the bespectacled monster Peter worked under in Office Space.

  110. Peter Sucher

    Office Space is a modern working-world comedy which gives a good picture of the inner workings of an office. The star of the movie, Peter, is a disgruntled worker at Initech Corporation. Although he is not the most motivated or hard working employee, he is very close to real life people I myself have met. The movie is not just humorous, it is extremely satirical in relation to the modern business world. While it is not exactly the most informative movie it really makes you think about the relevancy of today’s business models. Office Space is truly a movie that will go down in history as one of the great comedy’s of the modern day, which teaches valuable lessons both in being a leader and being a follower with a great dose of humor thrown in.

  111. Office Space is a perfect (though satirical) portrayal of corporate culture as it exists today and as I have experienced it through my minimal experience.

    Many companies, including Initech, go out of their way to hire the smartest and the most creative students each year – only to sit them down in cubicles, nag them about the covers of their TPS reports, and numb them of the very qualities they were hired for in the first place – their intelligence and creative thinking… not to mention the occasional need to go ahead and have ’em come in on Saturday, yeah sometimes Sunday as well.

    Although, this numbing effect can largely be reduced by commoditizing documentation and the project management process, this is only one of the overheads that hinder productivity. It’s also interesting to note that once Peter is hypnotized and less conforming, he is viewed as a candidate for top management because of it.

    With the job market the way it is, it’s almost impossible for most of us, who’ve spent 6 years paying tuition, to refuse ANY cubicle job, but it’s a nice little thought of relief to know we might one day be able to refuse jobs that aren’t in line with our career goals just because we want to make a decent living.

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