Daddy Day Care

DDCDaddy Day Care (2003) is a movie about two men, Charlie and Phil, who are fired from their job when they fail to develop a vegetable cereal product that their target market (children) would like. Charlie and Phil search unsuccessfully for a new job, but are unable to find something they like.  They start spending a lot of time with their children and realize that there is a lack of good quality daycares in town. The rest of the movie is about Charlie and Phil starting a new day care and developing it. They learn about managing a seemingly simple business like a daycare, improvise on the job, and succesfully compete with a major competitor who dominates the daycare business in their town. In short, the movie illustrates a lot of concepts that entrepreneurship courses and classes talk about. Just when their daycare has become successful, they are offered their old job back. Though Charlie and Phil are happy to get back their job, their return to their jobs does not last long. They miss their time managing their own business, and decide to quit their job to start their business again.

I do research in gender stereotypes in entrepreneurship and I simply love this movie- Two men starting a day care business. In an indication of the times we live in, the first few mothers who came to Charlie and Phil’s day care business think they are sick men and were not willing to leave their young children at the daycare. The two men are just new entrepreneurs trying to enter into an industry which has traditionally been feminine stereotyped. Usually, gender stereotypes are considered to be an obstacle for women interested in pursuing traditionally male-typed occupations. This movie does a nice job of presenting things from an opposite perspective- the perspective of normal men trying to succeed in a feminine-typed industry.   


11 responses to “Daddy Day Care

  1. Daddy Day Care is a movie that gives good insight about various aspects of entrepreneurship. The movie begins with two men, Charlie and Phil, who get fired after failing to market Veggie O’s cereal to children. During their time in between jobs, Charlie discovers a need for a good alternative to the available preschools in town. He then comes up with the idea of starting a day care as a chance to avoid bankruptcy without getting rich. From there he partners with his ex-coworker Phil and begins the process of promoting their day care business, developing a mission statement, and acquiring their first customers (the children).

    Daddy Day Care showed how important it is for an entrepreneur to know the industry before getting into it. Charlie and Phil were completely unfamiliar with the legal regulations involved with running a day care. When an inspector arrived to survey the day care property, they are faced with having to get their day care up to code or be closed down.

    One thing I really liked about this movie was a scene in which Charlie and Phil talked with the kids they were caring for. They asked the kids what they liked about the day care and also what they thought the day care should add. This illustrated how important it is for an entrepreneur to know the needs of their customers.

    Finally, this movie showed how important it is for an entrepreneur to be involved with a business that they enjoy running. In this case, Charlie and Phil enjoyed working with young children. Soon, they found success in the day care industry.

  2. i think that since they enjoyed their business they were more inclined to continue the business. the fact that it was men starting the daycare instead of women was a bold move for reverse gender stereo typing but the proved that they would prevail. After being fired from the company they decided to make this company but didn’t know what all it entailed. so they were getting advice and finding out what the regulations were for opening a daycare. that tells me that you really should look before you leap just into any business or open just any business. you never know what could be illegal that you are doing or planning without a little reseach. since they were taking good care of their costumers they really didn’t need marketing they got word of mouth from their costumers.

  3. The idea came when Charlie and Phil were at the park talking with Peggy. When Charlie sees all the children he sees an opportunity to be a cheaper alternative to the other day care center. Charlie and Phil then get to work handing out flyers.

    When the day came to sign kids up, the parents didn’t want to leave their kids with two guys. This could have been the end before the day care got started. Then Peggy came and vouched for them and with it got more parents to sign their kids up. Just like a lot of entrepreneurs, the first customer was a friend. Without this customer would they have been able to get any?

  4. billwickes0420

    While searching aimlessly for employment and tending to his four-year-old son during the day, Charlie (Eddie Murphy) has an idea. If he and his buddy Phil can handle taking care of two kids, how much harder can it be to supervise ten? Daddy Care Care was then created. The two moved quickly and pursued their idea w/ a competitive advantage over their rival; low cost and directed towards what the kids wanted to do.

    This was a good movie about entrepreneurship because it shows what an idea can become if you just go and do it. The dad’s started off not knowing what they were doing, and ended up experts in the day care field. They had personal satisfaction in knowing that the way they geared their day care towards what the kids wanted to do, was actually helping the children’s social and personal skills. Money doesn’t make a person successful; it’s the job the person is doing that makes them successful.

  5. Edward T Habermeyer

    I thought this movie was great. It was fun to watch and I find Eddie Murphey to be a great actor. Charlie and Phil portrayed two normal guys who were put in a situation where they had to find a way to make money to spare bankruptcy. When they lost their jobs at the cereal company, they were in a tight spot and as soon as they saw an opportunity they jumped on it. I like how they just went for it and learned from their mistakes along the way. Many times we think that we must know everything before we take advantage of a great idea. Had they waited or just looked at all the obstacles, it would have been easy to miss the opportunity and just kept looking for something else. Being men, they faced trouble right off the bat but got lucky with a little help from Peggy vouching for them. A little luck is sometimes all it takes. As things went along they had to change their plans and be very adaptable. This is key in any business. They had to meet regulations and eventually create an environment that developed the children’s learning. They took advantage of their competitive priorities to grow the business. They did not turn any kids away and were cheaper for the customer. They also took input from the kids to find a balance to keep customers happy. In the end they saw their business as very rewarding and they were wealthy men. Being that they like the job meant more than just trying to get rich quick.

  6. I have to start out by saying that I really enjoyed this movie. It’s about two guys who worked for a cereal company that happened to lose their jobs when their idea for a new childeren’s cereal was “veggie O’s”. While looking for a new job, Charlie, played by Eddie Murphy, came up with the idea of starting a day care. He had a child, and knew that there weren’t many good day care providers, because he had searched for one for his own son. He convinced his collegue to join him in this new venture. They advertised by handing out flyers, and got enough parents interested to start their in-home day care.
    Keeping their business was not always easy. One of their main competitors made sure of that. The day care provider that Charlie’s son went to before he started Daddy Day Care, contacted an inspector to find things that they were doing wrong, in hopes that they would have to close down. Charlie and his partner did not give up. They took the advice from the inspector, and got their day care up to code. Charlie was offered a position w/ his past employer, and turned it down, because he truely loved his new business. This part of the movie showed that an entrepreneur isn’t about how rich he or she can become, an entrepreneur chooses their venture because it is something the believe in.
    Charlie was able, with help from his friends/employees, to move their business out of Charlie’s home, and into a larger building. With this new building, and a few more employees, Daddy Day Care was able to take in more children. The movie was very funny, and showed how someone can start their own business with out planning for years and without a ton of money.

  7. I thought Daddy Day Care did a good job of portraying many aspects that an entreprenuer has to deal with in regards of a start up business. First of all they showed how a good idea at the right time is really all that is necessary to get things going. After Charlie lost his job and was out of work for a while he came across the idea of starting a day care that emphasized low cost and high customer satisfaction (the kids have fun). But at the same time he did not address all the rules and regulations that must be complied to. Pretty much any company, no matter what field it is in, is going to have some kind of regulations that they must abide by. After straightening that out Charlie was faced with expansion of his business and eventually relocating to a bigger facility. All in all I thought that the movie was enjoying to watch and I found there to be a number of concepts of entreprenuership that relate to class.

  8. I thought the movie, Daddy Day Care was hilarious. Eddy Murphy is classic as a father as well as business-owner. As I watched the movie Daddy Day Care I was reminded of the principle of competition from this class as well as my Management course. This principle is present when a given business is faced with keeping up with or retaining customers because of the actions of another company or industry in general. For Charlie and Phil, this was without a doubt the main stepping stone to the development of their business.
    The concept of competition was demonstrated in the movie when the principal of Chapman Academy (local daycare provider) tried turning Daddy Day Care into the State with intentions of shutting down Daddy Day Care. She also demonstrated competition verbally with her negative comments as well as physically by ruining the benefit they held to raise money for a new facility. Overall, I thought this movie demonstrated various entrepreneurial concepts in an effective manner.

  9. I agree with a lot of what Brad said. A lot of people try to start a business without ever finding out about the rules and regulations they must follow. It shows young entrepreneurs there is many things we must learn before we try to start our own business. I think it can be very daunting at first, but I think if you really care like Eddie Murphy’s character did, then a person will have no problems learning the rules and regulations. It also really shows the difficulty in competing with an established business. The Chapman Academy was much bigger and well respected, but Charlie and Phil were able to change the market by offering something Chapman Academy didn’t. This shows how we need to focus on something our competitor doesn’t have, in order to gain an advantage over them.

  10. Trevor Luchsinger

    Daddy Day Care was a very interesting movie. It shows to me how cut throat a monopoly can be when someone tries to enter their profession. They try to do whatever they can to dismantle them and close them down. This movie shows that when someone does have a monopoly in an area, they obviously dictate the prices and everything about it.

  11. I thought that Daddy Day Care was a great movie. It was very funny and I loved the actors that were in it. My favorite part of the movie was when the moms thought that they were perverts because they were two men opeing the day care. The movie had alot of entrepreneurial meaning to it. Two men getting layed off and thought that it would be so easy to open a daycare because it couldnt be much harder then watching their own kids but than they realized that it was difficult. WHich some people who decide to ope their own business they think that if they had the idea that is he hardest part. But really the hardest part is to actually execute the idea and plan that you have.

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